QEP Timeline

Reaffirmation Process involves two activities

1. Compliance Certification Audit (CC)

2. Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)


Compliance Certification Process Timeline

Organize CC Planning Team Fall 2011
Conduct a Readiness Audit Fall 2011
Orientation with Leadership January 2012
Compile CC Narrative report and documentation Spring-Fall 2012
Compliance Certification Document Due March 2013
Off-Site Review of CC Report by Peers May 2013
Results of Off-Site Review Available to SPC June 2013
Focused Report(s) due to On-Site Committee August/September 2013
On-Site Review Team Visit October/November 2013
Review by Commission on College June 2014


Quality Enhancement Plan Process Timeline

Organize QEP Steering Committee Fall 2011
Initiative process to identify QEP topic of study Fall 2011
Orientation meeting with Leadership January 2012
Finalize QEP Topic of Study March 2012
Develop QEP and prepare narrative report Summer 2012-Spring 2013
Finalize QEP and submit to On-Site Review Team July/August 2013
QEP reviewed by On-Site Committee October/November 2013
Pilot QEP activity Spring 2014
QEP Approved by Commission on Colleges June 2014
Formally Launch QEP Fall 2014



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