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Plainview Extension Center

1920 W. 24th Street
Plainview, Texas 79072
806.296.9611, ext. 4302, 4304



Automotive Technical Fundamental Skills Certificate
Edward Rincon, Instructor, ext. 2612, ext. 4302

Jan Decker, Program Coordinator & Instructor, ext. 4303

Client Appointments 806.291.3288

Licensed Vocational Nursing
Suzanne Griffin, Program Coordinator & Instructor, ext. 4405
Alisha Edmunds, Instructor, ext. 4408
Leah Rios, Associate Faculty & Clinical Instructor, ext. 4406
Judy Brake, Administrative Assistant, ext. 4406

Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies
Salvador Molinar, ext. 2334

Welding Technology
Welding - Kirk Smith, ext 4417

Workforce Development/Continuing Education
Paul Henderson, Coordinator of Workforce Development, ext. 4320
Alice Fitzgerald, Administrative Assistant, ext. 4304

Main Office
Gracie Quinonez, Director, ext. 4301
Veronica Hall, Administrative Assistant to the Director, ext. 4302

Camille Lewis, Counselor, ext. 4330

Health and Wellness 
Dawn Valles, Disability Services, ext. 4675
Lynn Gregory, Counselor, ext. 4615



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