Faculty Advising

From the South Plains College's Mission of Advising

The role of the Advisor is to:

    • Facilitate the student’s educational experience.
    • Maximize student potential with the development of an individualized success plan.
    • Empower students to define realistic educational, life and personal goals.
    • Evaluate student progress toward established goals.
    • Establish relationships by assessing student needs through open communication.
    • Provide appropriate TSI (Texas Success Initiative) placement information.
    • Interpret institutional requirements and policies.
    • Increase student awareness of educational opportunities.
    • Integrate data regarding student needs, goals, success plans and problems.
    • Be sensitive to the needs of a diverse student population.
    • Have comprehensive knowledge of educational opportunities, including academic transfer and technical programs and academic requirements.
    • Continually enhance awareness of advising issues by participating in professional development opportunities.   

Advising Resources:

TSI Advisor Packet

Referral Guide

Departmental Guide

Process for Advising Students Needing TSI Development


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