Calculating Financial Need

The Financial Aid Office will prepare a financial aid package based on student’s financial need.  At SPC all students are awarded as full-time students (enrolled in 12 semester credit hours).  If a student enrolls in fewer than 12 semester credit hours, the student's PELL grant will be less than amount shown on the student’s award letter.

The Financial Aid Office determines student’s financial need by calculating the difference between the EFC# (Expected Family Contribution) and the cost of attending SPC.  This is the amount that students and/or their families are expected to contribute to their cost of attending college.

Students EFC# is calculated by the federal government based on the FAFSA.  The nine month cost of attendance includes tuition, fees, books, supplies, and an average cost for living expenses to include housing, meals, and transportation.

Any additional resources such as scholarships, exemptions, waivers, etc. will be considered in determining students financial need.


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