How to Appeal Financial Aid Suspension

Financial Aid Appeal Procedure

 A student may appeal decisions made concerning initial or continuing eligibility for financial aid assistance or suspension of financial aid. (The financial aid suspension appeal is not the same as the academic suspension appeal.) Students who wish to appeal their financial aid suspension must send a letter, supporting documentation, and a signed degree outline form from their academic advisor to the following address:

South Plains College
Financial Aid Office-Appeal Committee
1401 College Avenue, Box B
Levelland, TX 79336

This letter is an opportunity to explain the situation to the Financial Aid Appeal Committee. Please be as specific as possible, because the student will not have an opportunity to meet with the committee in person or by telephone. The Financial Aid Appeal Committee will remain anonymous. In the appeal letter, please state reasons for not meeting satisfactory academic progress for both the semester the student was placed on financial aid probation and for the semester the student was placed on financial aid suspension.  Appeals will be considered for the following reasons:

 •  Working full-time
 •  Illness of student or family member
 •  Unforeseen complications with the birth of a baby
 •  Separation or divorce
 •  Involved in an accident or natural disaster
 •  Death in immediate family
 •  Personal problems that affected attendance and/or grades
 •  Change of major or have declared double majors
 •  Transfer hours from another institution will not apply to degree
     outline at SPC.


Proof must be sent with the appeal letter.

If working full-time, send pay stub(s) for the time period in
question showing the number of hours worked.

If there was an illness, birth of a baby or an injury from an
accident, send a doctor’s bill or hospital statement.

If there was a separation or divorce, send a letter from
someone who is familiar with the situation or a copy of the
filing or divorce decree.

In the case of an accident or natural disaster (such as a
car wreck or flood), please send a newspaper clipping or
police report.

If there was a death, please send a copy of the obituary
column, a program from the funeral or a death certificate.

For personal problems, the committee may have specific
questions that require additional information for the
documentation submitted.

If appealing for length, no documentation is necessary but
be sure to include degree outline form signed by an academic advisor/counselor.

The Appeal Committee will NOT consider the appeal until the Appeal Request form, a letter of explanation, with proof of each condition and the Degree Outline form is submitted.

The Financial Aid Office will notify the student, in writing, of the Committee’s decision within 10 working days from the time the Appeal Request form, the letter of explanation, necessary proof and Degree Ouline form is received.

During peak periods, a delay can be expected. If faxed appeals and documents are not clearly legible, expect a delay.

If the appeal is denied, a letter will be sent to explain how to regain financial aid eligibility.

A second appeal in the same semester will be considered if additional information or documentation is submitted to the committee. 

If the appeal is approved, a letter will be sent explaining what must be done to keep financial aid eligibility and to avoid suspension in the future.

Anytime a suspension status is lifted through the appeal procedure or successful completion of the required number of hours, student will be placed back on probation.

If the student does not meet all of the SPC and Federal Guidelines the following term, student will be placed on suspension again.

When the Financial Aid Appeal Committee approves an appeal for a student who has violated only the length provision (50 semester hours for a Certificate Program or 105 semester hours for an Associates Degree) of satisfactory academic progress policy, the committee may or may not place the student on probation for the next term of enrollment.


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