Important Information

For Students Applying for Financial Aid In The 2010-11 School Year


1.  Use FAFSA on the Web
     Apply at


2.  Get a PIN now!!! (if you do not already have one)
     Your PIN is your electronic signature for FAFSA on the web.  
     If y
ou are a dependent student, you parents should request
     their PIN numbers now also so they can ecectronicall sign
     your FAFSA.  Apply for PIN numbers at


3.  Give your email address to the Department of
      Education for easier and faster receipt of your
      Student Aid Report.
     The Department of Education will email you SAR report
     to you within 1 day of your electronic filing.


4.  Use the new Pre-Application worksheet when
      preparing to file on the web, instead of the paper

     The new Web 
applicaiton is faster and easier than
     the paper FAFSA.


5.  Filing a FAFSA is Free!!!


Assistance With The FAFSA

  • The Department of Education website:

  • Call 1-800-4-FED-AID

  • Chat/Help features within FAFSA on the Web

  • Financial Aid Office


Apply for 2011-12 year starting on January 2, 2011



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