Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for housing?  Housing applications are available on the SPC website. Students must submit the application to the Housing Office with a $100 security deposit.


What is the deadline for requesting housing? South Plains College does not have a deadline for receipt of housing applications. However, assignments are made on a first-come/first-serve basis so the earlier applicants usually receive their choice of housing.

How do I specify who I want to room with? The housing application provides a place to indicate roommate preference. It is also important that the person you are requesting indicate you as their first choice and that the applications are received together or within a few days of each other.


How many hours must I be enrolled in to stay in the dorms? Students must be enrolled in at least 12 hours to stay in the dorms during the Fall and Spring semesters.

What if I am not sure about living on campus? Students are encouraged to complete a housing application and send in the required deposit. If they change their mind and decide to live off campus, return of the deposit can be requested if it is before the established deadline each semester.


Do you have housing at the Reese Center? Housing is only available on the main campus located in Levelland. The main campus is approximately 20 minutes from the Reese Center.

How many halls do you have for men's and women's housing? There are five residence halls for men and three for women. Smallwood Apartments are available for female housing during the fall and spring. The five residence halls for men are Frazier, Stroud, Forrest, Lamar and Magee Halls. The women's halls are North Sue Spencer, South Sue Spencer and Gillespie Halls.


Do you have married or single parent housing available? No. However, housing options are available within the communities of Levelland and Lubbock for married or single parents.

When will the residence halls open? The residence halls will open August 21 for the fall semester and January 8 for the spring semester.


When and how do I check into the dorms?  It is essential that you officially check into your room on or before the first class day. When you arrive on campus, check in with the Dorm Director at your assigned dorm. Your room assignment will be issued at that time. Failure to check in by the first day of class will result in the forfeiture of your deposit and possible loss of your dorm room. If you must check in late, please notify the Housing Office before the first day of classes to make arrangements for late check in. Call 806-894-9611 ext. 2379 with any questions.

When will I be notified of my rooming assignment? Rooming assignments are made during June for the fall and December for spring. You will receive you housing assignment in the middle of June for fall and the middle of December for spring.


Is each room setup in a suite-style arrangement? All women's residence halls are setup in a suite- style arrangement. In the men's area, Lamar and Magee are arranged in suite-style. The other facilities Frazier, Stroud and Forrest are a modern communal arrangement.

What if I just can't get along with my roommate? Students are encouraged to work through issues that they are having with their roommates. After the first two weeks of classes, the Dean of Students and the Dean of Student Life will consider reassignments.

Can I request a private room? During the fall semester, private housing is not available. Once the semester starts and room consolidations are made, private room request may be honored. In order to request a private room, you must contact the Dean of Students or Dean of Student Life.

When must I pay for housing? Payment for housing is due the day the dorms open.  If you plan to pay your housing in installments, then half of the housing balance is due at the time of move in.

Will my financial aid pay for housing? Financial Aid may pay for housing. It is important that you visit with your financial aid advisor to determine exactly how much of your tuition and fees and room and board that financial aid will cover.

Can I live in the residence halls and not have a meal plan? The SPC room and board plan is one set cost for all residents. Female residents, who reside in Smallwood Apartments, are not required to have a meal plan. If Smallwood residents are interested in a meal plan they may purchase one through Great Western Dining.

What type of phone service is provided in the residence halls? Each room is equipped with a local phone line. Students are required to bring their own phones and answering machines. To make long distance calls, students will need a calling card, etc.

Will my room have carpet? The women's residence halls are carpeted and male residence halls have tile floors, with the exception of Magee Hall. The rooms in Magee have carpeting in the main living area and in the bedrooms.

How do I get mail? Students wanting to receive mail on campus should have it addressed to them in care of South Plains College, 1401 College Avenue, residence hall name and room number, Levelland, TX 79336.
What size are the beds? Beds in Smallwood, South Sue Gillespie and Baker Center are standard twins (36 X 75). The beds in Frazier, Stroud, Forrest, Lamar, Magee and North Sue are long boy (38 X 80).
May I bring my own computer and will I have access to the internet? Students are encouraged to bring their own computers. All residents may access the internet using the SPC website through a wireless connection.  Magee residents have access through a T1 line.
What types of small electrical appliances may I bring? You may bring small appliances such as stereos, microwave ovens and small refrigerators. Anything that has a red element to it such as sun lamps, hot plates and electrical heaters is not allowed.
What about cable television? Basic cable is available in all dorm rooms. For premium channels, please contact Charter Communications at 1-800-526-8901. When calling for installation, please advise the cable company of the name of the dorm and the student's room number. The address is 1401 S College Ave.


Do I need a parking permit? Permits are required and will be issued for no additional charge by your Dorm Director.

Is student accident insurance available? All students enrolled in 10 semester hours or more are automatically covered for injuries resulting from accidents. This DOES NOT cover illnesses. The maximum claim, after a $25.00 deductible, is $2000.


Where do I go if I am ill? South Plains College operates a student health clinic which treats minor illnesses. Major illness claims should be covered by your family health insurance. Student health policies are available through independent companies.

Do I need an ID card and where do I get it? All students will need a student ID card. This card allows access to the library, technology center, Texan Dining Hall, and for students living in the women's dorms, provides entrance into the dorms.


When are residence halls closed? Residence halls and the dining hall are closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break. Students will need to leave the dorms during these times. The dining hall is also closed during the summer sessions.

Can I have an overnight guest? Overnight guests of the same gender are allowed to spend the night, but only with the permission of the roommate. Residents are required to notify their Dorm Director when they are hosting an overnight guest.

Can I have a pet? No pets, with the exception of fish, are permitted in residence hall rooms. Aquariums are limited to 3 gallons in size.


What about security and maintenance? The security of your room and your belongings is your responsibility. Please report any problems concerning security or repairs in your room to the Dorm Director. Report lost keys immediately. The charge for replacement of lost keys is $5.00 per key. Please record serial numbers of valuables such as televisions and stereos and give them to the Dorm Director. Insurance of personal belongings is your responsibility. Renter's insurance is offered through local insurance companies.

Is there a curfew for students who live in the residence halls? No, there are no curfews for students living in the residence halls. However, quiet hours start at 11:00 p.m. 


What is Baker Center Lobby? Baker center lobby is located in the women's dorm complex and is the primary lounge area for female residents and their guests. All guests should enter through Baker Center. Security Supervisors are on duty at all times except from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Where can I wash clothes? Coin operated washers and dryers are provided in all Residence Halls.


Are there vending machines in the dorms? Beverage and candy machines are provided for your convenience in each Residence Hall. Report malfunctions to the Dorms Directors. Refunds are made through the vending company.


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