How do I...

If you need to speak directly to a librarian or need to ask a question not listed on this page go to Research Aid.

How do I....

cite information in my paper?

get a book that is located on another campus?

know when the library is open?

remove a hold on my account?

find a webpage about my subject?


How do I cite information in my paper?

 Adding a citation to your paper is like adding an address of where to find the information you used so others can find it too.  The first thing you need to know is what format or style it needs to be presented in.  Ask your teacher what style to use such as APA, MLA or Chicago.  Style guides can be found at all three library locations.  For online information on how to create your citations check out our Citation page.

How do I get a book that is located on another campus?

If the book is owned by South Plains College but is located on another campus than the one you attend it is possible to get the book shipped to the correct campus.  This generally takes 3 business days from the time you turn your request in.  Go to the Interlibrary Loan page and fill out the form for the location you want the book to be shipped to.  You will be contacted when the book request is processed and when it has arrived for pick-up.

How do I know when the library is open?

 Check our hours information.

How do I remove a hold on my account?

Holds can be removed in two ways.
1. Return the items you have checked out. 
2. Pay for the items you have checked out. 
The SPC libraries do not charge overdue fines for items that are returned late.  Simply return the item and we will clear your record.  If you no longer have the item please contact the library you borrowed from and we will give you the payment information. 

How do I find a webpage about my subject?

If you are looking for a webpage that will supplement what you are learning in class, check out our Webpage FinderThese are webpages chosen by the librarians to supplement your learning.  They include webpages with good information, professional associations, major businesses in the industry, and government/non-profit organizations. 


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