Faculty Award Nomination Form

Purpose:  The Faculty Excellence Award recognizes and honors SPC full-time faculty who have demonstrated exemplary service to the college that is student-focused and which furthers the college’s mission of improving each student’s life. All full-time faculty who have not previously received this award are eligible for nomination.

Procedures:  All nominees will be informed by the Vice President for Academic Affair’s Office of their nomination, and will be asked to complete a Faculty Data Form.  All Data Forms will be considered by the committee and the top six will be selected. The Faculty Data Forms for the top six will be placed on line and a link will be emailed to “all”.  Paper ballots will be mailed to SPC full-time faculty for their vote. 

 Nominations must be submitted to the Awards Selection Committee by  

Friday, March 25, 2016.





Name of Nominee:

Faculty's Department/Teaching Area:

Your Name:

1. Describe the qualities that you feel make this faculty member an example of excellence and deserving of this award.

2. What does this faculty member do that contributes to the SPC vision of "Improving each student's life"? If possible give examples of helping students and /or fellow faculty members.

3. Are there other things this person does such as committee work, community involvement, innovative teaching or use of technology, that further illustrate commitment to the college and students?


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