Employee Award Nomination Form

Non-faculty employees may be nominated from the following employee categories.

  • Support Services personnel, all campuses
  • Classified personnel, all campuses
  • Maintenance and Student Housing personnel, all campuses

In order for the nominee to receive full consideration by the Awards Selection Committee, please respond to all of the following questions as completely as possible. Please remember that not all members of the selection committee may be familiar with the individual you are nominating and are therefore depending on the information included on this form to make their determination. Wherever applicable, describe specific incidents that illustrate your assertions.  

Nominations must be submitted to the Awards Selection Committee by

Monday, April 13, 2016.



Name of Nominee:

Nominee's Position (if known):

Your Name:

Your Position: (student, faculty, staff, visitor, administrator, etc.):

1. In what ways has this employee contributed to the institutional vision: South Plains College improves each student's life? (There may be colleagues deserving of the award who have little direct contact with students, therefore direct student contact should not receive a higher priority than indirect contributions).

2. In what ways has this employee displayed cooperation with others, demonstrated leadership, or volunteered for departmental or campus projects?

3. Describe ways this employee exhibits dependability, effectiveness and efficiency in job performance or ways this employee displays excellence above and beyond job requirements.

4. Why do you believe this employee should be recognized for exemplary service? Include a description of any incident or incidents that brought the nominee to your attention as an outstanding employee.



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