South Plains College Advising Mission
The role of the Advisor is to:

  • Facilitate the student’s educational experience.
  • Maximize student potential with the development of an individualized success plan.
  • Empower students to define realistic educational, life and personal goals.
  • Evaluate student progress toward established goals.
  • Establish relationships by assessing student needs through open communication.
  • Provide appropriate TSI (Texas Success Initiative) placement information.
  • Interpret institutional requirements and policies.
  • Increase student awareness of educational opportunities.
  • Integrate data regarding student needs, goals, success plans and problems.
  • Be sensitive to the needs of a diverse student population.
  • Have comprehensive knowledge of educational opportunities, including academic transfer and technical programs and academic requirements.
  • Continually enhance awareness of advising issues by participating in professional development opportunities.         

Advising resources for faculty and staff can be found on MySPC, at the "Employees," tab, under the "Faculty," folder.


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