Departmental Guide

Departmental Chairpersons and Support Staff

Instructional Department Chairpersons Administrative Assistant
Physical Eduction Marc Moore, Ext 2229 Rhonda Giussani, Ext. 2223
Eduction Gail Malone, Ext. 2434 Dalila Gonzales, Ext. 2431
Creative Arts Stewart Moody, Ext. 2280 Tammy Amos, Ext. 2881
Fine Arts Dan Nazworth, Ext 2264 Latha Tucker, Ext. 2261
Professional Services and Energy Randy Robertson, Ext. 2342 Debbie Hale, Ext. 2291
Mathematics and Engineering Department Alan Worley, Ext. 2780 Aloma Pinkert, Ext. 2737

Business Administrations and
Computer Information Systems (Levelland/Reese)

Ann Gregory, Ext. 2250 Terri Vardeman, Ext. 2251
Industrial Technology (BMATC/Reese) Alvin Sechrist, Ext. 4653 Linda Wells, Ext. 4677
Behavioral Sciences Peggy Skinner, Ext. 2455 Patricia Lopez, Ext. 2461
Communication Charlie Ehrenfeld, Ext. 2451 Carolyn Boles, Ext. 2431
Social Sciences Laura Graves, Ext. 2460 Patricia Lopez, Ext. 2461
Biology Sam Wages, Ext 2306  
Reese Allied Health Mollie Melton, Ext. 4870

Stacie Johnson, Ext. 4626

Kelly Ufford, Ext. 4622

Industrial Technology Pete Stracener, Ext. 2284 Deanna Pierce, Ext. 2350
Science John Heh, Ext. 2316  
Teaching & Learning Center Gail Malone, Ext. 2240 Dalila Gonzales, Ext 2241


Instructional and Administrative Deans,

Associate Deans and Directors, Support Staff

Department Instructional and Administrative Deans Administrative Assistant
Technical Education

Rob Blair, Dean, Ext. 2336

Shelly Garner, 2337
Students , Dean, Ext. 2380  
Arts & Sciences Yancy Nunez, Dean, Ext. 2338 Amanda Salinas, Ext 2339
Admissions and Records Andrea Rangel, Dean, Ext. 2370 Christy Rocha, Ext. 2574
Director of Health Occupations Sue Ann Lopez, Ext. 2390 Dianna Edwards, Ext. 2391
Dean SPC Reese Kara Martinez, Dean, Ext. 4700 Sasha Loe, Ext. 4600
Continuing/Distance Education Ron Spears, Dean, Ext. 2340 Kasey Reyes, Ext. 2341
Department Associate Deans and Directors Administrative Assistant
Workforce Development Paul Henderson, Director, Ext. 4909 Terry Mahaffey, Ext. 4681
Associate Dean of Students-Levelland Kathryn Perez, Ext. 2381  
Financial Aid Ronnie Watkins, Manager, Ext. 2246  
Physical Plant Cary Marrow, Director, Ext. 2420 Debora Rice, Ext. 2419
Marketing and Recruitment Dane Dewbre, Associate Dean, Ext. 2210 Cindy Scott, Ext. 2211
Human Resources Jeri Ann Dewbre, Director, Ext. 2111 Ema Portillo, Ext. 2177
Libraries Jim Belcher, Director, Ext 2304 Carol McDonald, Ext 2300
Controller Teresa Green, Controller, Ext. 2402 Barbara Walker, Ext. 2405
Registrar Andrew Ruiz, Registrar, Ext. 2371 Vanessa Serna, Ext. 2372
Advising and Guidance Lola Hernandez, Director. Ext. 2364 Dawn Childers, Ext. 2368
Purchasing Ronnie Watkins, Director, Ext. 2105 Irene Baca, Ext. 2106
Athletics Joe Tubb, Director, Ext. 2220 Linda McCulloch, Ext. 2221
Research and Reports Ryan Fitzgerald, Associate Dean, Ext. 2175  
Student Activities Ann Capps, Director, Ext. 2377 Liz Dominguez, 2378
Information Technology Van Howell, Associate Dean, Ext. 2369 Olga Lozano, Ext. 2369
Campus Police Nick Castillo, Police Chief, Ext. 2396  
Distance Education & Instructional Support Leslie Kirk, Ext. 2243 Jessica Tucker, Ext. 2180
STAR Center Rita Prieto, Director, Ext. 2750 Rhonda Bridges, Ext. 2751
Upward Bound Chris Riley, Director, Ext. 2651 Ext. 2653
Plainview Outreach Center Gracie Quinonez, Director, Ext. 4301 Veronica Hall, Ext. 4302
Dual Credit Ronald Spears, Associate Dean, Ext. 2504 Kasey Reyes, Ext. 2341


Executive Administration and Support Staff

Executive Administration   Secretary
President Robin Satterwhite, M.B.A. - Presidents, Ext. 2200 Robyn Reaves, Ext. 2201
Institutional Advancement Stephen S. John, M.B.A. - Vice President, Ext. 2217 Julie Jones, Ext. 2218
Finance and Administration Teresa Green, M.B.A - Vice President, Ext. 2207 Nickie Halbakken, Ext. 2206
Academic Affairs , M.B.A. - Vice Presidents, Ext. 2207 Delma Salinas, Ext. 2208
Student Affairs Cathy Mitchell, M.Ed - Vice President, Ext. 2360 Yolanda Salgado, Ext. 2361



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