General Safety on Campus


South Plains College recognizes the importance of safety on campus.  The protection of persons and property is a responsibility which we all share.  Personal safety begins with the individual.  The following guidelines are intended to assist you in protecting yourself and to encourage practices that contribute to a safe environment for our campus community.

  • Never leave your personal property unsecured or unattended.
  • Look around and be aware of your surroundings when you enter and exit a building.
  • Whenever possible, avoid walking alone, particularly after dark.  Walk to your vehicle with other class members or request that the Security Guard walks you to your car.
  • When approaching your vehicle, keep your keys in your hand; look under your car and in the back seat and floorboard.  Lock the doors as soon as you are inside your car.

In case of an emergency, contact the receptionist, security, or Campus Police at one of the following numbers:

Levelland Campus - 894-9611, ext. 2396
Levelland Campus Police cell #891-8883
(emergency–dial 911)

Reese Center - 885-3048, ext. 2923
Reese Center Police Officers cell #893-5705
(emergency–dial 911)

ATC - 747-0576, ext. 4681 or 4677
(emergency–dial 911)


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