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The bookstore stocks all of the supplies required by the faculty and students for their programs, as well as paper, pencils, pens, etc.  If you require special instruments for your class, notify the bookstore manager as soon as possible at the beginning of the semester.

The bookstore at the Reese Center is located in Building 2 and the bookstore on the Levelland Campus is located in the Student Center.


As institutions of higher learning, colleges sometimes tend to dwell on the development of the student academically and fail to recognize the variety of needs that students possess.  This is one of the reasons counseling and guidance has become a basic foundation of South Plains College.

The Counselors, along with you as part of the faculty, will make available a comprehensive counseling service geared to meet the individual and group needs of students.  The growth and development of the individual as a whole person is the goal of the Counseling staff.

In order to work toward this goal of total development, the Counselors will offer services in a variety of program areas.  A more extensive discussion of services is available in the Student Handbook.

Counseling services are offered with no tuition or fee charge other than those required for specialized testing and those fees are nominal.


This particular service will be offered in a joint effort by the faculty and Counseling staff in the form of a Faculty Advisement Program.  The Counselors will function in an integral supportive capacity in that the counseling staff will work with non-majors, will assist any student who needs additional help deciding on a curriculum or scheduling, and will refer students to the proper faculty advisors.


These services include the use of the Career Lab on a drop-in basis.  Computer-based programs, videos, on-site workshops, and individualized job search assistance are available.  In addition, the Counseling area offers a variety of services that include the following: Career Counseling, Vocational Counseling, Placement and Follow-Up, and Testing.


Most basic in our philosophy of guidance and counseling is a deep concern for the student and his/her welfare.  The Counseling staff will be available to reach out to the student who is dealing with personal problems.  A community referral system is offered to the student who may need services not available in the Counseling area.

Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs Services

The educational opportunities of capable students should not be limited because of their financial resources.  The primary responsibility for financing rests with the student and his/her family; however, it is recognized that many students will require further financial assistance in order to finance their education.  The objective of the Financial Aid program is to provide assistance based on documented financial need to students unable to attend college without such aid.

Financial Aid is available in various types of grants, loans, and scholarships.  Grants are outright gifts of money and do not have to be repaid unless the student withdraws from school or drops below the original enrollment status during the semester in which the grant was awarded.  There are several different types of grants that the students can receive.  Loans, work-study programs, and scholarships are also available to those students meeting eligibility requirements.

South Plains College is approved as a college where veterans may obtain an education through the Veterans Administration program.  Eligible veterans are paid a subsistence allowance by the Veterans Administration while they are attending college.

Faculty must keep accurate student attendance records and promptly report to the Admissions and Records office any excessive absences.  Students who receive Financial Aid or who are veterans must meet certain attendance requirements or their benefits may be affected.

Library and Information Services

Library facilities are maintained on all South Plains College campus locations and students have remote access to library and information resources through online services provided by the Library.

Library facilities are maintained on the Levelland Campus for the use of all South Plains College students, faculty and residents of the community college district.  Collections total more than 70,000 volumes and include books, magazines, newspapers, and non-print materials, including video and audio tapes and compact disks.  An online catalog is provided for easy access to these materials.  Computers are also available in the library for writing papers and for accessing online databases and the Internet.

Professional librarians are available to assist students and faculty in the use of the library.  Special services include group tours, instruction in how to use the library, interlibrary loan, database searching, laminating, audio and video tape duplication.  Special equipment available for use by students and faculty include computers, microform reader/printers, photocopiers and a variety of audiovisual equipment.

The Levelland Library is open during the fall and spring semesters from 07:45 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, from 07:45 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. on Friday, and from 03:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Sunday for a total of 72.25 hours per week.  Operational hours during the summer and between semesters will vary and are posted.

The SPC Reese Center Library specializes in materials to support the allied health, business and industrial technology programs, as well as, the arts and sciences courses offered at the center.  Current information is provided to students and faculty through print, audiovisual, CD and online resources.  Extensive periodicals indexing and abstracts are available for thousands of periodicals; full-text or images may be viewed and printed from more than 3,000 journals.  Online access is available to FirstSearch and Ovid databases and to the Internet.  Books, audiovisuals and periodicals in paper or on microfiche are also available for use by students, faculty and staff from any of the college’s campuses.  Librarians provide instruction on the retrieval and use of information from these diverse resources.

The Library encourages students to read for personal enrichment and collects popular works for that purpose.  The library also has a special collection of children’s literature to support the Child Development program and to encourage family literacy.  South Plains College maintains cooperative agreements with university, hospital, school, public and governmental libraries in the City of Lubbock to provide additional materials and services to patrons.  Books and articles also are available through interlibrary loan services from libraries throughout Texas and the United States.

Located in SPC Building 4, Library hours at the SPC Reese Center are from 08:30 a.m. to 06:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and from 08:30 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. on Friday.

A valid SPC identification card is required to check materials out of the Library at any SPC location.

Admissions and Records

The Admissions and Records office is available to provide different services for students and instructors, such as student records and class schedules.  Students are informed of all admission requirements and provided with the necessary forms for enrolling at South Plains College.  The office is also responsible for preparing materials and setting up for each semester’s registration.  Requested information from prospective students is also mailed out from this office.  Not only does the Admissions and Records office assist the student in adding and dropping courses, it also assists the instructor by issuing class rolls, final grade rolls, and notification of student drops.  All final grades are turned in to the Admissions and Records office.

Disability Services

The Disability Services program assists students to overcome barriers which might prevent them from achieving their educational and employment goals.  The program serves:

  • students with disabilities
  • single parents
  • displaced homemakers
  • economically disadvantaged students
  • non-traditional students (those in vocational programs
  • with more than 75% single sex enrollment)
  • individuals with other barriers to educational achievement, including individuals with limited English proficiency

Students who qualify can receive assistance with child care, books or transportation, as well as counseling and learning assistance.  Students with disabilities may also be eligible for academic accommodations, adaptive equipment and other special services, depending on their unique needs.

Please refer students who you believe might qualify for the Disability Services program to our office in Room 113-C at the Reese Center or by phone 885-3048, ext. 4654.  On the Levelland Campus, Disability Services are located in the Student Services building and can be reached by phone at 894-9611, ext. 2529.

Faculty members should not provide academic accommodations until notification is received from the Disability Services office.  If students request special accommodations, refer them to the office.  You will be notified when appropriate documentation has been received and reviewed.  The Disability Services staff will be glad to assist you in providing the necessary accommodations.

Student Organizations

It is the philosophy of South Plains College to provide an environment in which the student can grow academically and socially.  By participating in group activities, a student can experience leadership, organization, and social interaction.  Being a member of a club or organization will be a rewarding and fun learning experience for the student.

Testing and Learning Center

At the SPC Reese Center and Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center, learning resources and services are available through the Testing and Learning Center.  Such services actively assist students in reaching their educational, personal and professional goals.  The center represents a comprehensive learning resources program characterized by a fully qualified staff, up-to-date equipment, current materials, basic skills improvement and learning skills development.  The learning resources program is a crucial part of the delivery of a technical education for students.

The Testing and Learning Center provides the following services: course support with particular emphasis on math, English and reading; free specialized tutoring for individuals or groups; assessment of basic skills; personal development and study skills techniques; computer-assisted instruction; lecture notes and study materials for specific courses; computers and adaptive equipment; technical communications lab; assessment and independent study programs for basic skills development; community offerings in reading and English as a Second Language; and basic work force skills.

The Testing and Learning Center is located in Building 4, Room 402 at the SPC Reese Center.  Services at the Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center are located in Room 158B.


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