Statement of Purpose

South Plains College has continued  to grow and expand, opening the extension at Reese Air Force Base in 1970, and a branch in Lubbock in 1973.  In 1977, the college acquired and refurbished the West Texas Hospital Building in Lubbock, and in the fall of 1978 established the Lubbock campus at the new site.  It also established a campus in Plainview, Texas, but this program was discontinued in 1983, except for a vocational nursing program.  With the closing of Reese Air Force Base in 1997, the college acquired through public conveyance six educational buildings at the former air base.  These facilities have been developed into an expanded SPC Reese Center program.  The same year, SPC established a partnership with the Lubbock Independent School District and other Lubbock community partners to open the Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center.  In order to accommodate enrollment and program growth, college officials in 2000 decided to close the Main Street facility and consolidate its Lubbock-based programs at the SPC Reese Center.  Over the years, these expansions have significantly enriched South Plains College, broadening its service area and contributing to its understanding of the larger community.  All the while, the larger community has been exceptionally positive in its support of the college, voting bond issues as needed and promoting enthusiastically all facets of the college.

History implies change, and South Plains College is committed to changing with the needs and opportunities of the community.  It seeks not merely to be the guardian of tradition, but to be creative as well, ever seeking to uncover and find expression for individual and community potential.  Communities, however, do not merely change.  The original idea that established the college remains valid, and South Plains College understands its relation to the abiding values of civilization.  Thus, the college continues to be the unfolding intellectual history of a community attempting to be a responsible part of the larger communities of the world.


South Plains College believes that every citizen, regardless of age or background, should have the opportunity to nourish the impulse to learn and to produce.  Accepting every obligation as a member of the Texas College and University System, SPC believes that it must provide economical quality education for anyone who wishes to attend the college.  While committed to excellence in all of its programs,  the college understands this excellence with reference to the diverse needs of its students, believing that its purpose is to do whatever it can to enhance personal growth and prepare individuals for lifelong creative roles in the community.  Thus, on the one hand, SPC holds fast those values and disciplines that are the foundation of a civilized community, and it does all that it can to promote them; on the other hand, SPC encourages innovation that is the expression of creative change, of unfolding truth in terms both of content and method, recognizing what is unique and new in individuals and situations.  To this end, the college  is   committed  to  providing   dedicated   and   qualified   teachers,   staff  members,  and administrators; a stimulating, compassionate, and wholesome educational environment that encompasses the entire community; and a broad and dynamic curriculum and student support services that presently include:

  1. Associate degree programs in academic disciplines that parallel university curricula for those students working toward a baccalaureate degree.
  2. Certificate and associate degree programs in technical and vocational educational areas for those students who seek to attain certain skills, attitudes, and aptitudes in order to prepare for gainful employment or advanced study.
  3. Developmental programs designed to assist those students who are under-prepared for college and who need to develop college success skills.
  4. Continuing education programs for individuals who wish to enrich their lives or to upgrade existing knowledge and skills to meet new job demands.
  5. Specialized business and industrial training programs which anticipate and address specific needs of these organizations and their employees.
  6. A number of student support services including assessment, counseling, advisement, job placement, tutoring, social activities, community cultural leadership, and wellness-fitness services.
  7. Workforce development programs designed to meet local and statewide needs.
  8. Adult literacy and other basic skills programs for adults.

South Plains College believes that students, depending upon the specific programs they may wish to pursue, should have the opportunity to improve upon one or more of the certain universal skills that are the distinguishing marks of civilized and educated human beings:  among these are critical thinking skills, mechanical skills, communication skills, creative skills, leadership skills, and social skills.

South Plains College provides ample space for all its programs and services, being particularly proud of the physical facilities, campus grounds, and instructional equipment.  The people responsible work diligently to maintain all facilities in excellent condition and to provide new and replacement equipment to meet or exceed contemporary needs.

Finally, South Plains College tries to understand itself as an unfolding idea, determined in part by its origin and history, but always an institution in process.

Approved by the Board of Regents - 2/10/94



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