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Aguilera, Rafael Associate Dean of Workforce Development  4909    ATC-158 Lubbock
Alexander, Ben Placement Counselor 4608 Bldg 8-815 Reese
Allen, Sarah Tech Prep Assistant Director 4696 Bldg 5-517C Resse
Alonzo, Billy Assistant Professor of Radio, Television and Film and Advisor for Texan Radio 2436 CM-129 Levelland
Alvarado, Jessica Instructor in Nursing 2494  TA-204B Levelland
Amos, Tammy Secretary-Creative Arts Department 2281 CB-102 Levelland
Anderson, Christi Diretor of Guideance and Counseling 2364 SS Levelland
Anderson, Daryl Clinical Coordinator and Instructor in Surgical Technology 4643 Bldg 5-512 Reese
Anderson, Dennis Counselor 2912 Bldg 8-818 Reese
Anderson, Harold Instructor in History 2463 AD Levelland
Anderson, Katherine Public Service Librarian 2303 LIB Levelland
Anderson, Philip (Dr.) Chairperson for Mathematics and Engineering Department and Professor of Mathematics  2738 MA-120A Levelland
Anthony, Susan Instructor in Associate Degree Nursing 2386 TA-108 Levelland
Arant, Becky Secretary - Special Services  2530  SS Levelland
Archer, Jim Instructor in Psychology 4668 Bldg. 4-405B Reese
Armendariz, Hector Upward Bound Academic Coordinator 2652 Technology Center Levelland
Awbrey, Brandon Academic Transfer Counselor 2362  SS Levelland
Azese, Martin
Instructor in Math 4707 Bldg. 3, Room 318B Reese

 Revised 02/10


 Last Published 8/8/10