Employee Name
Position Ext. # Location City
Baca, Irene Administrative Assistant to the Director of Purchasing 2106 AD Levelland
Baker, Tom Instructor in Mathematics (Developmental) 4026 Bldg2-268A Reese
Balboa, Tony Painter 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Baldwin, Lynn Associate Professor of Associate Degree Nursing 2392 AH-112J Levelland
Ballentine, Matt Visual Communications Specialist 2216 Marketing and Recruitment Levelland
Banks, Cary Professor of Commercial Music 2280 CB-105 Levelland
Barker, Kristi Assistant Professor of Reading 4651 Bldg 3-307C Reese
Barr, Alicia (Dr) Professor of Psychology 4641 Bldg 4, 405F Reese
Barrera, Valerie Admissions Clerk 2355 Student Services Bldg. Levelland
Batenhorst, Jim Ann  Continuing and Distance Education Specialist 2503 TA Levelland
Beadles, Wayne Instructor in Design Communications 2247 TA 123 Levelland
Bearden-White, Christina Instructor in History 2646   Levelland
Bearden-White, Roy Instructor in English 2432   Reese
Beaugh, Kevin Instructor in Physical Therapist Assistant 2518 AH 103 F Levelland
Becerra, Charity Library Technical Assistant 2299 Library Levelland
Beene, Corye Instructor in History 2958 AD 152 Levelland
Belcher, Jim Director of Libraries 2304 LIB Levelland
Belcher, Tina Director of Computer Center 2606 AD Levelland 
Berryhill, Korbi  Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Vocational Nursing 4719 Bldg. 5 Reese
Beyer, Hope  Technical Services Librarian  2302  LIB  Levelland 
Bilodeau, Robert  Professor of Government and History  2464  Bldg 3, 316C Reese
Bingham, Kristin Assistant Professor of Biology 2308 S Levelland
Bishop, Clinton Instructor/Clinical Coordinator in Radiologic Technology 4629   Reese
Black, Allison  Professor of Fine Arts  2197  FA  Levelland 
Black, Cynthia Administrative Assistant to the Director of Development 2019 Development & Alumni Levelland
Blair, Nanette  Director of Business Office 2404  AD  Levelland 
Blair, Rob  Dean of Technical Education  2336  TA 118 Levelland 
Bogener, Sharon (Dr.)  Professor of History/Government  2462  AD-119  Levelland 
Borba, Sonny Program Coordinator & Instructor in Commercial Music 2010 CM  Levelland
Borunda, Claudia Academic Specialist 2652 TC-104B Levelland
Bosquez, Ana Lisa Upward Bound Outreach Coordinator 2964 LIB-322 Levelland
Braddock, Jacob Instructor in Emergency Medical Services 4877 Reese Reese
Bradshaw, Bart  Associate Professor of Physical Education/U.I.L. Supervisor 2478  Dome-28  Levelland 
Brake, Judy Administrative Assistant to the ADN Program 4406 Plainview Plainview
Brannan,Carol  Assistant Professor of Speech 4649  Bldg 3-316I Reese 
Braudt, Ina Instructor in Associate Degree Nursing 2384   Levelland
Brewer, Ashleigh Assistant Professor of English 2441 Bldg 5-131 Levelland
Bridges, Luke Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Bridges, Rhonda STAR Center Basic Skills Specialist 2752 Library Levelland
Brown, Becky Administrative Assistant to Science & Biology


S Levelland
Browne, Elise  Department Coordinator and Associate Professor of Associate Degree Nursing  2388  AH-100 B Levelland 
Bruner, Diana Accounts Payable Clerk 2407 Business Office Levelland
Brunner, Judy  Instructor in Vocational Nursing  4621  Bldg 5-510  Reese
Bryant, Glenda Assistant Professor of English 2190 CM124 Levelland
Buchanan, Scott Professor of History  2465  AD  Levelland 
Buller, Scott Bookstore-Textbook Manager 4697 Bldg. 8 Reese
Bunye, Daniel  Assistant Professor of Government  2467 AD-130  Levelland 
Burns, Kenton Assistant Professor of Law Enforcement Technology 2357 LE-111 Levelland
Burt, Lori College Workstudy Coordinator 2510 AD Levelland
Busby, Rodney Instructor in Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies 4910 ATC Lubbock
Busby, Terry  Benefits Coordinator  2204  AD  Levelland 
Buxkemper, Jan  Assistant Professor of Associate Degree Nursing  2387  AH-112G Levelland 
Byrne, Joanna Instructor in Diesel Service Technology 2188   Levelland

  Revised 09/15


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