Employee Name Position Ext. # Location City
Cabrera, Virginia Financial Aid Clerk  2347 Levelland 
Caddell, Deborrah (Dr)  Coordinator of the Testing and Learning Center  4631  Bldg 8-814  Reese 
Caddell, Sherri  Secretary-Dean of Students and Student Life  2379  SS  Levelland 
Cantu, Clarissa Secretary to the Registar 2372 SS  Levelland
Carden, Ron (Dr)  Chairperson of the Social Science Department and Professor of History  2460  AD-118  Levelland 
Carpenter, Jessica Instructor in Vocational Nursing None   Levelland
Carr, Joe  Associate Professor of Music  2493  CB-106  Levelland 
Carranza, Sonia  Custodian  2419  Physical Plant  Levelland 
Carraway, Mike  Instructor in Commercial Music  2473  CB  Levelland 
Carter, Sandra (Dr)  Associate of Anatomy and Physiology  2495  S-146  Levelland 
Castillo, Ramsey  Bookstore General Manager 4697  Bldg 8  Reese 
Cearley, Pat (Dr.)  Professor of English  2444  CM-106  Levelland 
Cedillo, Manuel  Academic Coordinator, STAR Center  2753  New Student Relations  Levelland 
Chen-Knotts, I-Fan (Dr) Professor of Foreign Language 4037 Bldg 8-826 Reese
Chavez, Jim  Maintenance-HVAC Tech  2419  Physical Plant  Levelland 
Chavez, Patricia  Custodian  2419  Physical Plant  Levelland 
Chavez, Teresa Secretary to Associate Degree Nursing Department 2193 TA-110 Levelland
Churchwell, Dennis Director of Purchasing 2105 AD Levelland
Clark, Lauren Secretary to the Nursing Sccess Coordinator 2517 Bldg 1, 119 Reese
Clark, Wanda (Dr)  Professor of Psychology and Sociology  2458  AD-147  Levelland 
Cleavinger, Dave  Assistant Professor of Agriculture 2324  AG-100C Levelland 
Cleveland, Lisa Technical Counselor 2563 SS-Counseling Center Levelland
Coats, Frances  Assistant to the Controller  2403  AD  Levelland 
Coggins, Jeannie Assistant Professor of Office Technology  4917  ATC-109  Lubbock 
Coker, Ruby Dorm Director 5029 Stroud Hall Levelland
Coler, Mike Instructor in Engineering and Design Technology 2351 TA-206 Levelland
Comer, Margaret Secretary to Business Administration/CIS Department 2251 TC Levelland
Conder, David  Assistant Professor of Physical Education  2418  PE Complex  Levelland 
Conner, Christina  Retention Specialist  2961 New Student Relations  Levelland 
Conner, David  Dean of Students  2380  SS  Levelland 
Contreras, Norma Secretary to the Dean of Technical Education 2337 TA Levelland
Cook, Gregory Instructor in Video Production Technology 2150 CB  Levelland
Cooper, Tracey  Clinical Coordinator of the Center for Clinical Excellence 2922 Bldg 1, 121 Reese
Copeland, Jenna Admissions Clerk 2355 SS Levelland
Cottenoir, Mitch Instructor in Chemistry 2326 S-109 Levelland
Cox, Lee  Associate Dean of Student Services  4666  Bldg 8-807A  Reese 
Cox, Valerie  Counselor-Technical Programs Counselor  4605  Bldg 8-816  Reese 
Crow, Josh  Instructor in Physical Education and Rodeo Coach  2745  AG  Levelland 
Curtis, Brittany Financial Aid Advisor 2413 AD Levelland

 Revised 02/10


 Last Published 8/8/10