Employee Name Position Ext. # Location City
Cabrera, Virginia Financial Aid Advisor 2347 SS Levelland 
Caddell, Deborrah (Dr)  Coordinator of the Testing and Learning Center  4631  Bldg 8-814  Reese 
Camacho, Robert Residence Hall Director-Lamar and Magee 2882 Lamar/Magee Levelland
Campos, Rosemary Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Carlton, Zachary Instructor in Government 2972 AD 143 Levelland
Carraway, Mike  Instructor in Private Guitar Lessons and Ensembles  2473  CB  Levelland 
Carter, Sandra (Dr)  Professor of Anatomy and Physiology  2495  S-146  Levelland 
Casey, Rachel Financial Aid Advisor 4803 Bldg. 8 Reese
Cash, Darin Instructor of Music-Low Brass 2264 FA Levelland
Castellano, Olga Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Castillo, Danielle Business Services Technician 2403 Admin. Bldg. Levelland
Castillo, Michelle Administrative Assistant to Director of Financial Aid 2415 FA Levelland
Castillo, Nickolis Campus Police Officer 2396 SS Levelland
Cedillo, Manuel 

Academic Coordinator, STAR Center 

2753  New Student Relations  Levelland 


2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Chavez, Teresa Administrative Assistant  to the Associate Degree Nursing Program 2193 AH-100 Levelland
Churchwell, Dennis Director of Purchasing 2105 AD Levelland
Cirilo, Sylvia Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Cisneros, Crystal Administrative Assistant to Guidance and Counseling 2368 SS Levelland
Clark, Wanda (Dr)  Professor of Psychology/Sociology  2458  AD-147  Levelland 
Clayton, Travis Instructor in History 2533 AD Levelland
Cleavinger, Dave  Professor of Agriculture 2324  AG-100C Levelland 
Cleavinger, Lynne Director of Health and Wellness 2563 Health and Wellness Levelland
Clopton, Jerod Instructor in Mathematics 2738 M-102 Levelland
Coggins, Jeannie Assistant Professor of Office Technology  4917  ATC-109  Lubbock 
Cole, Kristie Instructor-Program Director in Surgical Technology (Clinical) 4643   Reese
Coler, Mike Instructor in Technical Graphics and Design Technology 2351 TA-206 Levelland
Coler, Robin Admissions Clerk 2572


Coltharp, Tamie Instructor in Associate Degree Nursing 2195   Levelland
Cook, Gregory Program Coordinator & Instructor in Video Production Technology 2150 CB  Levelland
Cook, Rebecca Library Technical Assistant 2301 Library Levelland
Cox, William Campus Police Officer 2396 SS Levelland
Crescioni, Will Assistant Professor of Psychology 2468   Levelland
Curtis, KC Assistant Rodeo Coach 2747 Ag. Levelland

 Revised 09/15


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