Employee Name Position Ext. # Location City
Eagle, Diane Instructor in Mathematics 2736 Math Levelland
Eddins, Lisa Secretary to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement 2341 AD Levelland
Edens, DeEtte Student Health Coordinator 2376 Student Center Levelland
Edwards, Diane Secretary-Allied Health/Nursing Department 2391 TA-110 Levelland
Ehrenfeld, Charles Assistant Professor of Journalism and Advisor for the Plainsman Press 2448 CM-128 Levelland
Elizondo, Raymund Assistant Professor of Electronics Service Technology 2352 ESTBL-108 Levelland
Ellerd, Darlene Accounting Clerk 2400 Business Office Levelland
Ellison, Amanda Instructor in the Nursing Lab 2393 TA-110 Levelland
Ellison, LouAnn Secretary to Dean of Arts and Sciences 2339 TA-118  Levelland
English, Dan Assistant Professor of Government 2454 AD Levelland
English, Sara Assistant Professor of Psychology 2973 AD-116  Levelland
Escamilla, Mackinzee Instructor in CIS 2252 TC-210 Levelland
Escamilla, Sergio Groundskeeper II 2419   Levelland
Escarcega, Pauline Grounds Equipment Operator 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Esquivel, Stephen Visual Communications Specialist 2214 Visitors Center Levelland
Estrada, Dierdre Accounting Clerk 



AD  Levelland
Etheredge, David Assistant Professor of Biology 2319 S-184 Levelland
Ewings, Willie Computer Lab Assistant 2160 TA Levelland

 Revised 02/10


 Last Published 8/8/10