Employee Name Position Ext. # Location City
Gabaldon, Antonia Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Garcia, Melissa Custodian-Reese 2917 Reese Center Reese
Gardner, Al Associate Professor Percussion and Pep Band Director 2283 FA-10C Levelland
Gardner, Connie Financial Aid Advisor  2192 SS  Levelland 
Garza, Mary Baker Center Supervisory 2427  SS  Levelland
Genzer, Georgeann  Resident Hall Director  5145  North Sue Spencer  Levelland 
George, Betty  Bookstore  2399  Student Center  Levelland 
Gerstenberger, Julie Associate Professor of Speech  2445  CM-140  Levelland 
Gilmer, Kay  TSI Clerk  2375  SS  Levelland 
Giussani, Rhonda  Secretary-Physical Education  2223  PE Complex  Levelland 
Glass, Beth  Librarian  4693  Bldg 8-831A  Reese 
Glenn, Coby Network Technician 2603 Admin Bldg Levelland
Gonzales, David  Grounds Pesticide Applicant  2419  Physical Plant  Levelland 
Gonzales, Josefina Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Graham, Linda  Special Services Secretary 4654  Bldg 8-809  Reese 
Granger, John Groundskeeper I 2419 Pysical Plant Levelland
Graves, John  Resident Hall Director-Lamar  5027  Stroud Hall  Levelland 
Graves, Laura (Dr)  Professor of History and Government  2305  S-112  Levelland 
Graves, Rebecca Instructor in Wind/Solar Energy Program Developer 2334 TA-203 Levelland
Graves, Susan Secretary to the Title V COOP 2958 TA-226 Levelland
Gray, Jerry Campus Police Officer 2923 Bldg 8, 841 Reese
Green, Steve  Instructor of Physical Education and Head Men's Basketball Coach  2222  Dome  Levelland 
Green, Teresa  Controller  2402  AD  Levelland 
Greene, Aaron Instructory in Geology 2970  S-124 Levelland
Greer, Ippy  Assistant Professor of Art  2270  FA  Levelland 
Gregg, Todd  Maintenance Supervisor  2421  Physical Plant  Levelland 
Gregory, Ann  Chairperson of the Business Administration/CIS Dept. 2252  TA-228  Levelland 
Gregory, Lynn Special Services Counselor  4615  Bldg 8-813  Reese
Griffin, Suzanne  Instructor in Cocational Nursing  4405  291-3654  Plainview 
Grimes, Darrell  Vice President for Academic Affairs  2207  AD  Levelland 
Guardiola, Rodolfo Instructor in Sound Technology 2273  CB-119 Levelland

 Revised 02/10


 Last Published 8/8/10