Employee Name Position Ext. # Location City
Gaona, Jessika Financial Aid Advisor 2414 SS Levelland
Garcia, Elba Cosmetology Lab Assistant 4303 COS Plainview
Garcia, Veronica Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Gardner, Al Professor of Percussion 2283   Levelland
Gardner, Connie Financial Aid Customer Service Coordinator 2412 SS Levelland
Garner, Shelly Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Technical Education 2337 TA Levelland
Garza, Gloria Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Garza, Toby Courier 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Gelber, Deborah Instructor in Fine Arts (Choir) 2269  FA Levelland
Gentry, Kelsey Bookstore-Accounting 4609 Bldg. 8 Reese
Gerstenberger, Brian Grounds Supervisor 2422 Physical Plant Levelland
Gerstenberger, Julie Director of Development  2020  Development & Alumni Levelland 
Gilbert, Emily Instructor in Reading 4650   Reese
Gilster, Crystal Academic Counselor 2359 SS Levelland
Giussani, Rhonda  Administrative Assistant to Physical Education and Physical Fitness Center  2223  PE   Levelland 
Glenn, Coby Network Technician 2603 AD Levelland
Gonzales , Dalila Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center 2241 Library Levelland
Gonzales, David  Groundskeeper I   2419  Physical Plant  Levelland 
Gonzales, Josefina Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Good, Sally Associate Professor of English 2434 CM Levelland
Goodrick, Amanda Veteran Benefits Coordinator 4614 Bldg.8, Room 804 Reese
Gottschalk, Mark Public Services Librarian 2298 Library Levelland
Graves, Laura (Dr)  Chairperson of the Social Science Department and Professor of Government/History  2305  AD Levelland 
Gray, Jerry Campus Police Officer 2923 Bldg 8, 841 Reese
Gray, Natalie Instructor in History 2256 AD Levelland
Green, Steve  Head Men's Basketball Coach and Instructor in Physical Education  2222  Dome  Levelland 
Green, Teresa  Vice President for Business Affairs 2205 AD  Levelland 
Greene, Aaron Assistant Professor of Geology 2970 S-124 Levelland
Greene, Rebecca Assistant Professor of Speech 2445 CM 140 Levelland
Greenlees, Brian Groundskeeper I 2419   Levelland
Greer, Ippy  Associate Professor of Art  2270  FA  Levelland 
Gregory, Ann  Department Chairperson and Professor of Accounting 2250  TC 211 Levelland 
Gregory, Lauren Assistant Professor of Office Technology/Accounting and Program Coordinator 2249 TC Levelland
Gregory, Lynn Technical Counselor  4615  Bldg 8-813  Reese
Griffin, Suzanne  Program Coordinator and Instructor in Vocational Nursing  4405  291-3654  Plainview 
Groves, Jason Instructor in Mathematics 2739 M Levelland
Guardiola, Rodolfo Instructor in Sound Technology 2273 CB-119 Levelland
Guerra, Natalie Administrative Assistant to the Counseling Center 4606 Bldg 8 Reese

 Revised 09/14


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