Employee Name Position Ext. # Location City
Kauffman, Roy Assistant Professor of Accounting 2909 Bldg 3-309 Reese
Kaskela, Kiyomi Instructor in Mathematics 2742 M-116E Levelland
Keeling, Bruce (Dr) Professor of Music and Jazz Band Director 2264 FA Levelland
Keeling, Iris Assistant Professor of Biology 2309 S-130 Levelland
Keller, Farris Dorm Supervisor- Magee Hall 5127 SS Levelland
Kennon, Phyllis Instructor in Computer-Aided Drafting & Design Technology 2349 Industrial Tech Levelland
Ketchersid, Keila Instructor in Nutrition 2325 S Levelland
Kirby, Ruth Assistant Professor of Associate Degree Nursing 2382 TA-105 Levelland
Kline, Joseph Program Coordinator/Associate Professor of Paralegal Studies 4662 Bldg 3-316L Reese
Knotts, I-Fan (Dr.) (Chen) Professor of Foreign Language 4037 Bldg 8-826C Reese
Kraus, Kit Bookstore General Manager 2397 Student Center Levelland
Krishnan, Ramesh Professor of Math and Engineering 2698 MA-109 Levelland

 Revised 02/10


 Last Published 8/8/10