Employee Name Position Ext. # Location City
Lack, Betty Director of Forrest Hall 5056 Forrest Hall Levelland
Lair, Jonathan Assistant Professor of Government 4032 Bldg 3-302B Reese
Lamprecht, Larry Maintenance-Carpenter 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Langehennig, Wayne Associate Professor of Foreign Language 4029 Bldg 8, 826E Reeese
Lauglin, Julie Tech Prep Project Coordinator 4710 Bldg 5, 517 Reese
Lawler, Vicki Office Manager of the ACT Center 4922 Bldg 4-452B Reese
Lawless, Amy Mail Room Clerk 2398 Student Center Levelland
Leaf, Gary Filter Technician 2419 Physical Plant  Levelland
Lee, Tina Assistant Professor of Physical Education 2233 PE Complex Levelland
Lehmann, Terry Athletic Trainer 2230 PE Complex Levelland
Lemon, Jay Instructor in Commercial Music 2475 CB-139 Levelland
LeRoy, Holly Design Communication Specialist 2216 College Relations Levelland
Lewallen, Kathy Copy Center Clerk 2498 LIB Levelland
Lewis, Camille Counselor 4330 PC 101 F Plainview
Lewter, Shirley Associate Professor of English 4030 318A Reese
Lightner, Sophia Instructor in Vocational Nursing 4680 Bldg 5-502 Reese
Lindsey, Patti Instructor in Cosmetology 2287 COSBL Levelland
Loe, Sasha Secretary to the Associate Dean of Student Services 4600 Bldg 8, 807 Reese
Logue, Patrick Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems 4669 ATC-151 Lubbock
Long, Jackie Secretary-Counseling Center 4606 Bldg 8-805 Reese
Lopez, Alma Assistant Professor of Mathematics 2640 MA-116D Levelland
Lopez, Armando Campus Police 2396  SS-143 Levelland
Lopez, Johnny Data Tracking Specialist 2965 AD Levelland
Lopez, Patricia Secretary to the Director of Guidance and Counseling 2368 SS Levelland
Lopez, Rosa Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Lopez, Sam Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Lopez, Sue Ann Chairperson of the Nursing department, Director of Associate Degree nursing, and Director of Vocational Nursing 2390 TA-110 Levelland
Lozano, Olga Secretary to the Associate Dean of Information Technology 2601 AD Levelland

 Revised 02/10


 Last Published 8/8/10