Employee Names Position Ext. # Location City
Macias, Lorenza Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Mahaffey, Terri Secretary to Assoc. Dean of Workforce Development 4681 ATC Lubbock
Mahan, Virginia (Dr) Professor of Psychology 4657 Bldg 4, 405G Reese
Majorowski, Jim Basic Coordinator/Instructor in Emergenc Medicl Services 4802 Bldg 2, 202B Reese
Maldonado, Ema Personel Coordinator 2177 Admin Bldg Levelland
Malone, Gail (Dr.) Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning 2240 LIB Levelland
Marrow, Cary Director of the Physical Plant 2420 Physical Plant Levelland
Marsh, Ed Professor of Music 2274 CB-110 Levelland
Martin, Ann Bookstore Clerk 2399 Student Center Levelland
Martin, Casey Financial Aid Clerk/VA Coordinator 4614 Bldg 8, 804 Reese
Martinez, Candelario Instructor in Workforce Development -ATC 765-3349  LCCCD ATC
Martinez, Kara Assistant Professor of Speech 4025 Bldg 2-268B Reese
Matthews, Sue Instructor in Vocational Nursing 4683 Bldg 5-503 Reese
Maul, Stacey Instructor in Geology 2322 S-116 Levelland
McClellan, Kay Assistant Professor of English 2437 CM-101 Levelland
McCormack, Tracy Instructor in Cosmetology 2648 COSBL Levelland
McCulloch, Linda Secretary-Athletic Department 2221 Dome-107D Levelland
McDonald, Carol Secretary-Director of Library 2300 LIB Levelland
McDowell, Joe Campus Police Chief 2396 SS-143 Levelland
McGann, Linda Associate Professor of English 2446 CM Levelland
McGee, Jimmie Assistant Professor of Government and History 2198 SS Levelland
McKelvey, Brenda Basic Skills Specialist - STAR Center 2752 STAR Center Levelland
McLure, Victoria Professor of English 4889 Bldg 3, 318C Reese
McNabb Teresa Instructor in Vocation Nursing 4655 Bldg 5-506 Reese
McNutt, Janie Assistant Professor of Foreign Language 4664 Bldg3-316F Reese
McNutt, Wade Instructor in Commercial Music 2278 CB Levelland
Medina, Juanita Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Melchor, Elisa Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Mellberg, Adrian Web Content Coordinator 2960 Visitors Center Levelland
Melton, Mollie Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Applied Rehabilitation Psychology 4652 Bldg 5-514 Reese
Mendez, Betty Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Mendoza, Norma Grounds Horticultural Specialist 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Mendoza, Yuri Learning Specialist 4630 Bldg 8, 809 Reese
Miller, Brooks Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 2225 Dome Levelland
Miller, Linda Assistant Professor of Reading 4650 Bldg 3-307A Reese
Miller, Marcie Instructor in Psychology 2967 Admin Bldg Levelland
Mills, Marlin Instructor in Machinist Trades 4910 ATC-138A Lubbock
Mills, Susan Assistant Professor of Office Technology 2244 TA-138 Levelland
Mitchell, Bryan Instructor in Automotive Technology 4902 ATC Lubbock
Mitchell, Cathy  Dean of Reese 4700 Bldg 8, 807B Reese
Moffett, Larry  Instructor in Mathematics  2528  MA-110  Levelland 
Moffett, Vanessa Instructor in Psychology  2235 SS-117  Levelland 
Moody, Stuart  Program Coordinator and Instructor in Sound Technology  2276  CB-119  Levelland 
Moore, Jon Marc  Assistant Professor of Physical Education  2229  Dome  Levelland 
Moore, Michele Business Office/Payroll 2406 Admin Bldg Levelland
Moore, Vivian  Supervisor-Baker Center  2427  Baker Center  Levelland 
Moratto, James Instructor in Creative Arts (Bluegrass) 2492 CB144 Levelland
Moreira, Roland  Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems  2242  TC-206  Levelland 
Moreno, Jesse  General Maintenance  2419  Physical Plant  Levelland 
Morin, Yolanda  Custodian Supervisor  2007  Physical Plant Levelland 
Morris, Benny  Instructor in Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology  2353  Industrial Tech  Levelland 
Mosley, Julie Instructor in Nursing  2515  TA-211 Levelland
Moultrie, Ruby  Assistant Professor of Music  2269  FA-11  Levelland 
Mulloy, Ginger  Director of the Computer Center  2417  AD  Levelland 
Myatt, Jacque  Instructor in Associate Degree Nursing  2195  TA-104 Levelland 

 Revised 02/10


 Last Published 8/8/10