Appendix B

Emergency Quick Reference Guide

Building Evacuations- Have a plan. Know multiple and quick routes out. Be aware of occupants with disabilities that may need assistance.

Fire Alarms- Pull down fire alarms are located in most major buildings.

Tornados and Severe Weather- Go to the lowest floor and an interior hall or closet. Stay away from windows and glass. Cover your head and stay low.

Violent Behavior or Threat- Call the Campus Police Department immediately.

Personal Crisis- Counseling centers in Levelland and Reese Center are available to assist with personal and emotional crisis.

Medical Emergency- When in doubt let EMS determine if it is an emergency situation. Call 911.

Emergency Phones- Red emergency phones are located in all major buildings. Phones automatically dial 911 when the receiver is picked up.

First Aid Kits- Kits are available in most offices. Departments are encouraged to purchase and maintain kits from their service and supply budget and notify department personnel of its location.

Emergency Contacts:

Power Loss or Major Building Issue Maintenance All sites - Ext. 2421 or 2420
After Hours - Ext. 2440 or 894-0077
Violent Behavior or Violent Threat Campus Police Levelland - Ext. 2396 or 891-8883
Reese ­ Ext. 2923 or 893-5705
ATC ­ Ext. 4681 or 791-3980
Medical Emergency EMS 911
Personal or Emotional Crisis Counseling Centers Levelland ­ Ext. 2366 or 2368
After Hours ­ 716-2427
Reese ­ Ext. 4605 or 4606
After Hours ­ 765-8393

When In Doubt ­ Call 911


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