Section B


The policies designated as (BL) in this manual constitute the By-Laws of the South Plains College District and govern the actions of the Board of Regents and the officials of the College. The policies designated as (BP) are official board policies that govern the operation of the college. All other policies not designated as (BL) or (BP) represent administrative policies that serve as detailed guidelines for the operation of the college. (See Policy BF).

BA.   Purpose, Powers and Responsibilities of the Board
BAB. Specific Duties of the Board (BL)
BAC. Rights and Responsibilities of the Board (BL)
BB.   Eligibility and Qualifications for Serving on the Board of Regents (BL)
BBA. Election of Board Members (BL)
BBB. Orientation and Professional Development of Board Members (BL)
BBC. Election of Board Officers (BL)
BBD. Duties of the Chairman of the Board (BL)
BBE. Duties of the Vice Chairman (BL)
BBF. Duties of the Secretary (BL)
BC.   Regular Board Meetings (BL)
BCA. Special Meetings (BL)
BCB. Official Business at Regular and Special Meetings (BL)
BCC. Quorum Necessary for Transaction of Business (BL)
BCD. Order of Business (BL)
BCE. Rules of Order (BL)
BCF. Public Participation (BL)
BD.   Board Committees (BL)
BE.   Conventions, Conferences and Workshops (BP)
BF.   Policy and By-Law Development (BP)
BFA. Amendments to the By-Laws (BL)
BG.  Board Member Statement of Ethics
BGA. Standards of Conduct and Conflict of Interest
BGAA. Conflict of Interest Disclosure
BGB. Code of Ethics (BP)
BH.  Board Vacancies
BHA. Removal from Office
BI.   Employment of the College President (BL)
BIA. Qualifications of the President (BP)
BIB. The College President as the Executive Officer (BP)
BIC. Evaluation of the President (BP)
BID. Administrative Organization Plan (BP)
BIDA. College Organizational Chart (PDF file opens with Acrobat Reader, 380kb)
BIE. Administrative Rules and Regulations (BP)
BIF. Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (BP)
BJA. Employment of Independent Auditor (BP)
BJB. Employment of College Attorney (BP)
BJC. Selection of Chief Tax Officials (BP)
BK. Relationship between South Plains College and the South Plains College Foundation, Inc. (BP)
BKA. Foundation Administration and Investment of Funds (BP)
BKB. Use of Employees or Property of the College by the Foundation (BP)
BKC. Officer/Director of the College (BP)
BKD. Acceptance of Gifts by the College (BP)
BL. Accreditation (BP)
BLA. Substantive Change

Executive Officers of the College
BMA. Vice President for Academic Affairs
BMB. Vice President for Student Affairs
BMC. Vice President for Finance and Administration
BMD. Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Instructional Deans of the College
BME. Dean of Arts and Sciences
BMF. Dean of Health Occupations
BMG. Dean of Technical Education
BMH. Dean of Continuing and Distance Education
Student Services Deans of the College
BMI. Dean of Admissions and Records
BMJ. Dean of Students
BMK. Associate Dean of Students
BN.   Executive Council
BO.  Administrative Council
BP.  Advisory Board By-Laws
BQ. Technical Advisory Committee By-Laws


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