Section D


The policies designated as (BL) in this manual constitute the By-Laws of the South Plains College District and govern the actions of the Board of Regents and the officials of the College. The policies designated as (BP) are official board policies that govern the operation of the college. All other policies not designated as (BL) or (BP) represent administrative policies that serve as detailed guidelines for the operation of the college. (See Policy BF).

Section D: Personnel

DA. Affirmative Action Plan (BP)
DAA. Americans with Disabilities Act
DB. Non-Discrimination Policy (BP)
DBA. Protection of Rights and Development
DBC.Conflict of Interest Policy
DBC-E. Disclosure Form
DBD. Intellectual Property Policy
DBDA. Student Intellectual Property Rights
DBE.  Copyright/Patent Fair Use Policy
DC. Grievance Procedure
DD. Replaced by DDA
DDA. Sexual Harassment Policy
DDB. Racial Harassment Policy
DDC. Due Process (Dismissal/Non-Renewal)
DDD. Corrective Action
DDE. Employee Conduct and Work Rules
DDEA. Smoking in the Workplace (See Policy GF)
DDF. Personal Appearance
DDG. Workplace Violence/Firearms (See Policy HHA)
DE. Substance Abuse Policy
DEA. Substance Abuse Program Implementation
DF. Employment Procedures
DFA-E. Personnel Requisition
DFB-E. Personnel Action Form
DFD-E. Affirmative Action Letter
DFE-E. Employment Application
DFEA-E. Supplement to Professional Application
DFF-E. Approval Notice and Status Change Notice
DFG-E. Application for Classified Positions
DFH-E. Part-Time Teaching Applicants
DFJ. Nepotism (BP)
DFK-E. Oath of Office Form
DFL. Definitions of Employement Status
DGA. Personnel Records and Privacy
DH. Employee Benefits Plan (BP)
DHA. Employee Benefits Program
DHAA. Sick Leave
DHB. Worker Compensation and Sick Leave
DHBA. Maintaining a Safe Work Environment
DHBB. Accident/Injury Reports
DHC. Disability Policy (BP)
DHDA. Family and Medical Leave of Absence
DHDA-E. FLMA Checklist
DHE. Personnel Leave
DHF. Bereavement Leave
DHG. Professional Development Travel (BP)
DHGA. Professional Leave Approval
DHH. Professional Development Leave, Faculty (See Section 5.4 of Faculty Handbook)
DHI. Leave of Absence (BP)
DHJ. Military Leave (BP)
DHK. Vacations
DHL. Jury Duty
DHM. Group Insurance
DHN. Tax Sheltered Annuity
DHNA. South Plains College Pension Trust Fund
DHOA. Payroll Deduction
DHP. Definitions of Payroll/Personnel Actions
DI. Retirement Policies
DIA. Texas Teacher Retirement System
DIB. Optional Retirement Program (BP)
DIC. Medical Benefits Following Retirement
DID. Retirement Recognition
DIDA-E. Retirement Award
DIE. Retiree use of College Facilities
DL. Outside Employment of Faculty and Staff (BP)
DM. University Interscholastic League (UIL) Assignments and Responsibilities
DN. Parking Permits
DO. College Keys
DOA-E. South Plains College Key Request Form
DP. Building Security
DQ. Personnel Classifications
DQA. Employee Handbook, General
DQG. Handbook Supplement, Classified Part-Time (Class A)
DQH. Handbook Supplement, Classified Part-Time (Class B)
DQI. Handbook Supplement, Classified Full-Time (Class C)
DQJ. Handbook Supplement,  Maintenance and Custodial Personnel
DQK. Handbook Supplement, Police Officers
DQL. Handbook Supplement, Dorm Supervisor
DR. Compensation Schedule and Options (BP)
DRA. Salary Increases and Supplements (BP)
DRB. Holidays
DRC. Supplemental Pay Procedure for Exempt Employees
DRC-E. Exempt Employee Supplemental Pay Form
DT. Evaluation of Personnel
DTA. Evaluations- Administrators and Supervisors
DTA-E. Administrators and Supervisors Process Form
DTB. Faculty (See Section 3.4 Evaluation, Faculty Handbook)
DTC. Administrative Assistants and Clerks
Personnel Assessment Process Form
Physical Plant Personnel Performance Evaluation
DUA. Employee Service Awards
DXA. Exit Interviews
DXA-E. Employee Exit Interview Form
DY. Food and Drinks in Classrooms and Laboratories
DZ. Solicitation and Distribution


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