DDD. Corrective Action


The College seeks to establish and maintain standards of employee conduct, (as described in employee Conduct and Work Rules) and supervisory practices, which will, in the interest of the college and its employees, support and promote effective operations. Such supervisory practices include administering corrective action when employee conduct or performance problems arise. Major elements of this policy generally include:

A. Constructive effort by the supervisor to help employees achieve fully satisfactory standards of conduct and job performance.

B. Correcting employee shortcomings or negative behavior to the extent required.

C. Notice to employees through communicating this policy that discharge will result from continued or gross violation of employee standards of conduct or unsatisfactory job performance.

D. Written documentation of disciplinary warnings given and corrective measures taken.

E. Documentation of corrective action will become part of the employee's personnel record.


Depending on the facts and circumstances involved in each situation, the College may choose to begin corrective action at any step up to and including immediate discharge. If the situation does require immediate discharge the following steps should be followed:

A. Oral Warning. For infractions the College deems to be minor, the employee should at a minimum be issued an oral warning. If the situation does not improve within a reasonable time (not longer than four months, depending on the seriousness of the issue), the supervisor may repeat the measure, or implement a more severe option.

B. Written Warning Notice. For repeated minor infractions, or a more substantial infraction, the employee should at a minimum be issued a written warning notice. The Director of Human Resources must approve the written warning prior to it being given to the employee. If the situation does not improve within a reasonable time (not longer than four months, depending on the seriousness of the issue), the supervisor may repeat the measure or take steps to discharge the employee. If the situation escalates during A or B the employee maybe discharged in accordance with item C below.

The written warning notice should be prepared following a corrective action discussion with the employee. The employee will be given an opportunity to comment in writing and should be asked to sign the notice, acknowledging receipt. Three copies of the notice will be distributed as follows: (1) employee; (2) supervisor; and (3) personnel file.

C. Discharge. For infractions management deems to be sufficiently serious, or continued failure to respond appropriately to prior corrective action, discharge is appropriate. The approval of the President of South Plains College and the Director of Human Resources must be obtained prior to the discharge of an employee under any circumstances.


Suspension. If events compel a supervisor to take immediate action when discharge appears possible, the supervisor will immediately suspend the employee for a specified period, pending an investigation. The employee will be required to leave the premises immediately. The supervisor’s Dean and/or Vice President and the Director of Human Resources will be notified immediately. The suspension/investigation period will last no longer than three working days, except in highly unusual circumstances. The objective of this suspension will be to determine if discharge is the proper decision. Responsibility for managing the investigation will be that of the Director of Human Resources.


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