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DT. Evaluations of Personnel

The purpose of evaluating administrative staff is to provide adequate information to improve performance in decision-making, organization, leadership, planning, efficiency, and personal relations.

The administrative staff shall be evaluated annually for the first five (5) years of employment and every two (2) years thereafter, on even numbered years.

Administrative staff to be evaluated shall be: Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Professional Non-faculty, and Supervisors of Personnel.

Each administrative staff employee shall be responsible for initiating his/her own evaluation during the month of April.

Administrative staff employees shall be evaluated by one or both of the following groups in addition to their immediate supervisor:
a. Immediate subordinates.
b. Those served by that office.

The staff member to be evaluated will distribute the packet containing evaluation forms, instructions, and a sealable envelope to the appropriate evaluators. After evaluating the staff member, evaluators will deliver the sealed evaluation to the staff member's immediate supervisor.
The supervisor will review the evaluations, tabulate them, and arrive at an average score. The supervisor will conference with the staff member concerning the results of the evaluation and develop actions for improvement if so indicated by the results.
All evaluators shall be guaranteed anonymity and individual evaluations shall not be revealed to the staff member being evaluated.
Supervisors shall maintain evaluation files for their staff. Actual instruments completed by evaluators shall be destroyed following the evaluation conference.


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