Section F

Section F: Student Information

The policies designated as (BL) in this manual constitute the By-Laws of the South Plains College District and govern the actions of the Board of Regents and the officials of the College. The policies designated as (BP) are official board policies that govern the operation of the college. All other policies not designated as (BL) or (BP) represent administrative policies that serve as detailed guidelines for the operation of the college. (See Policy BF).

FA. Admission to the College (BP)
FAA. Admission of International Students (BP)
FAB. Degree Limitation Statement
FAC. Academic Appeals Procedure
FAD. Student Records
FADA. Student Identification Number
FADB. Student Identity Verification
FB. Student Clubs and Organizations (BP)
FBA. Student Activities
FBAA. Calendar of Student Events
FBAB. Posting of Announcements and Signs
FBC. Student Newspaper (BP)
FBCA. Editorial and Advertising, Student Publications
FBD. On-Campus Speakers (BP)
FC. Intercollegiate Athletics (BP)
FCA. College Mascot (BP)
FCB. College Colors (BP)
FD. In-District Tuition (BP)
FDA. Waiver of Nonresident Tuition (BP)
FE. Travel by Student Groups
FF. Student Conduct and Discipline
FG. Student Substance Abuse Policy
FH. Sexual Harassment Policy
FI. Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team
FM. Student Grievance Procedure
FN. Compulsory Insurance for Students (BP)
FNA. Health Services
FO. Student Housing Policy (BP)
FOA. Student Housing Policy
FOB. Temporary Housing Assistance for Certain Students
FOC. Residential Housing Missing Student Notification Policy and 
FP. Services for Students with Disabilities
FQ. Annual Public Notice
FR. Student Financial Aid
FS. Student Counseling Center
FT. Learning Resources
FW. Texas Success Initaitive (TSI)
FX. Student Correspondence Policy (Student E-Mail)
FY. Absences for Miliatry on Active Duty


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