Section G

Section G: Community and Government Relations

The policies designated as (BL) in this manual constitute the By-Laws of the South Plains College District and govern the actions of the Board of Regents and the officials of the College. The policies designated as (BP) are official board policies that govern the operation of the college. All other policies not designated as (BL) or (BP) represent administrative policies that serve as detailed guidelines for the operation of the college. (See Policy BF).

GA. Media Relations
GB. Crisis Management Plan
GC. Publications and Printing Policy
GD. Use of College Facilities, Including Athletic and Recreational Facilities (BP)
GDA. Use of Facilities in Time of Disaster (BP)
GBD. Loan or Rental of College-Owned Equipment and Tools
GDC. Facility Rental Policies
GE. Use of College Food Service (BP)
GF. Smoke Free Environment
GG. Communicable Disease Policy
GH. Senior Citizens Benefits
GI.   Public Complaints and Hearings (BP)


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