Section H: Support Services

The policies designated as (BL) in this manual constitute the By-Laws of the South Plains College District and govern the actions of the Board of Regents and the officials of the College. The policies designated as (BP) are official board policies that govern the operation of the college. All other policies not designated as (BL) or (BP) represent administrative policies that serve as detailed guidelines for the operation of the college. (See Policy BF).

HA. Library
HB. College Relations
HBA. Planning Guide for Printing, Publications, and Web Pages
HBB. College Business Cards
HC. Continuing Education
HD. Administrative Computer Center
HE. Bookstore
HF. College Post Office
HG. Maintenance/Custodial Services
HH. Campus Security
HHA. Workplace Violence
HI. Health/Wellness Services-Levelland Campus
HJ. Food Service-Levelland Campus
HK. Severe Weather Procedures
HL. Copy Center and Reproduction Procedures
HM. College Vehicles
HN. College Web Site Policy
HO. College Stationery Policy
HP. College Logos
HQ. Photography Service
HR. Office of Human Resources
HS. Office of Development
HSA. Fundraising, Solicitation and Grant Writing
HSA-E. Fundraising Activity Approval Form
HSAA. Acceptance of Non-Cash Gifts
HSAA-E. Non-Cash Gift Acceptance Form
HT. Enrollment Management
HU. Financial Aid Lender Relations Institutional Code of Conduct


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