HD. Administrative Computer Center


The Computer Center, located in Room 108 in the Administration Building, is responsible for all administrative data processing functions at South Plains College. The administrative areas supported by the Computer Center are:

-  Admissions and Records Office

-  Bookstore

-  Business Office

-  College Relations

-  Counseling

-  Development

-  Financial Services

- Food Service

-  Housing

-  Human Resources

-  Instructional Divisions

-  Learning Center


Although much of the data that is processed for the above areas are standardized through reports utilized by these departments, there may be requirements for information that are not part of the standard report process.

If information is needed the procedures listed below have been established to assist personnel. The following also assumes that information is part of the computer database.

1. If the information requested is part of a standard report that has been processed, the director will make available copies of the report.

2. Information that is in an existing format, but has not been processed at the Computer Center, may be obtained by making a request to the director.

3. Information that is not in a standard report format will require a new program. A request for a new program should be made to the director allowing sufficient time for development.


The mainframe computer is linked to Reese Center and the ATC through a telephone data line. Student records and accounting functions are conducted at these locations in similar fashion as on the Levelland Campus.


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