1. How long does it take to issue a purchase order number?

    All requisition go through an approval path. The length of time it takes to get through that is dependent upon how often approvers access the system. The Purchasing Department (fis_marilyn) is the final approval in the path. Once it reaches fis_marilyn it is issued a P.O. number. We are in our approval folder several times a day issuing purchase orders.

  2. Who will place the order, me or the Purchasing Department?

    When you enter a requisition you will see a field asking for a message. The message you choose will determine who places the order.

  3. Is it possible that payment can be made before I receive the merchandise?

    Yes, by submitting a prepayment form to the Purchasing Department, all supporting documentation will be attached to the P.O. and choosing the prepayment message in your requisition entry.

  4. Could I purchase the items I require and then be reimbursed?

    This is highly discouraged. You have not been authorized to purchase these items and most vendors will accept our P.O.'s.

  5. Is it possible I could obtain an emergency purchase order number?

    Yes, please refer to our Emergency Purchasing Policy.

  6. May I ask a vendor to hold an item for me in anticipation of a forthcoming purchase order?

    This is highly discouraged. In the event the requisition was rejected by someone in your approval path, the vendor could hold you liable for the payment of the items.

  7. Is it possible to purchase an item without a purchase order?

    No. All items must be purchased with an approved purchase order number except in an emergency situation. (Refer to Emergency Purchasing Policy)

  8. May I preview films, books, or other curriculum and then decide to purchase the item?

    We prefer that a P.O be issued first. This will help in tracking invoices and receiving slips. If you choose to purchase the viewed items, then we will use the P.O. If you choose not to purchase the merchandise, then we will void the P.O. for you.

  9. Is it possible to use a "Sole Source" statement to purchase goods and services?

    Please refer to our Sole Source Policy.

  10. How do I cancel (void) a purchase order?

    Contact the purchasing department by phone or e-mail and we will be happy to void a P.O. for you.

  11. How do I buy from Wal-Mart?

    Enter your requisition for items needed. When P.O. is issued, come by our office to check out a Wal-Mart credit card. Pick up merchandise and return the credit card and receipt to the Purchasing Department.

  12. What other credit card accounts does the college have?

    We have credit cards in individual names at this time. Use same purchasing procedure as you would a Wal-Mart purchase.

  13. How do I purchase over the internet?

    Amazon.com is the only vendor that we know of that will accept a P.O. over the internet. After P.O. is approved, the Purchasing Department will place the order using the P.O. number.

  14. How do I check status of an order in the system?

    At this time the system does not provide us the option of viewing the status of a placed order. Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail and we'll try to help you with this.

  15. How do I know if a requisition has been approved?

    While in your pending requisition folder, go into the requisition in question and then hit "F9" and this will show your approval path. An "A" signifies an approval. An "A" by the name fis_marilyn will indicate your requisition has been approved and a P.O. number assigned.  Also, a copy of the P.O. will be emailed to the author of the requistion when it has been approved.

  16. How do I find a P.O. number?

    While in your pending requisition folder, go into your requisition in question, hit ENTER on any line item and you will see the assigned P.O. number.

  17. How do I know if a bill has been paid?

    Refer to the status option under your DPS menu.

  18. Why haven't I received an invoice?

    Invoices are now being directed to the Purchasing Department. You will not see an invoice. If a copy is needed for your records, you are welcome to come by our office and make a copy for yourself. All receiving documents must also be forwarded to us letting us know if merchandise is okay to pay.

  19. What happens if I don't have access to an account number that I'm suppose to have access to?

    Account number access must be approved by your supervisor, dean, or chairperson and conveyed to Ginger Mulloy in the Computer Center so that she can set up your account access.

  20. What do I use blanket P.O.'s for?

    Blanket P.O.'s are used for items that are purchased on a regular basis and the price is usually going to be the same. (Ex. telephone charges) These P.O.'s can be made to cover an entire fiscal year. As the invoices come in, we will pay them from the blanket P.O. (Refer to Blanket P.O.'s in Policy Manuel)

  21. How do I buy at the bookstore?

    The bookstore in an excellent place to use for emergency purchases. You do not need a P.O. to purchase at bookstore unless you are using federal funds. The bookstore will ask for your GL account number at time of purchase.

  22. What is the process for getting a budget adjustment?

    Budget Revisions are processed the same as a requisition, except instead of "RR" you replace it with "BR".  It will go through the appropriate approval path.

  23. What is the process for travel?

    Refer to the Travel Information.


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