Scholarships are a great source of aid because they, like grants, are gift aid and do not have to be repaid.

 SPC Scholarships

Scholarships at SPC are limited and can vary significantly in the eligibility criteria.  As scholarships become available, information can be found in the General Catalog, in the Financial Aid Office, as well as SPC Scholarship Programs web site.  Deadline to apply for SPC Scholarships is March 1.  Addition information and scholarship applications can be found at:

Other Scholarships

There are many organizations and agencies that offer scholarships as well.  Here is a list of websites with additional scholarship information to help you search for available scholarships.

Scholarship Search Services

There are also privately operated scholarship search services which charge fees from $50 to $150 or more for computerized lists of sources of private and other financial aid you may apply for. It is important to understand, however, what information scholarship services can provide.
They may be helpful in identifying sources of aid for students who meet certain specific criteria, such as academic achievement, religious affiliation, ethnic or racial heritage, artistic talents, athletic ability, career plans or proposed field of study.  Bear in mind that funds from these sources may be limited and not all applicants receive awards.
Do not be fooled by the claim that millions of dollars in student aid go unclaimed each year.  The large sums of money you hear or read about usually represent a national total of employee and member benefits that no one uses, but that are limited only to employees of a specific company or members of a specific organization.
The U.S. Department of Education does not evaluate private scholarship search service.  If you should decide to use one of these, you may check with the Better Business Bureau or the Texas State Attorney General's  Office.


 Last Published 8/8/10