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The U.S. Department of Education randomly selects financial aid applications for verification.  The purpose of the verification process is to verify the information on the FAFSA is correct. Students are always selected if there appears to be a discrepancy in any of the information.


What do I do if I am selected?

  1. Fill in and sign a Verification Worksheet (Dependent or Independent) which can be found on our Forms page
  2. Collect your (and your spouse’s or parents’) financial documents (signed Federal Income Tax forms, W-2 forms, etc.)
  3. Talk to your Financial Aid Office if you have any questions about completing Verification Worksheet or the documents that are being requested
  4. Take or send the completed Verification Worksheet, tax forms, and any other documents needed to SPC’s Financial Aid Office.
  5. Your Financial Aid Office will compare information on the documents and advise you if there are any further information that is needed from you

Will my award change because of the verification process?

The Financial Aid Department bases awards on the information reported on your FAFSA.  If any of the information does change it can affect your eligibility for certain grant and loan programs.  If you have been awarded, you can view your award by going to Campus Connect.


When should I turn in the documents that were requested?

Immediately!   Once the Financial Aid Office has received all of the required documentation it will take the Financial Aid Office time to process your application.  This is why it is very important your documentation be turned in as soon as possible.


How do I get copies of my tax returns?

Copies of your tax returns can be obtained from the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or at http://www.irs.gov.  If you paid a tax preparer such as H&R Block or an accounting firm to process your tax return, you may get a copy from them.  Some may charge a fee for this service.


 Last Published 8/8/10