Emergency Loans

The Emergency Tuition and Fee Loan Program statute was created by the state of Texas to enable colleges to set aside a portion of their tuition and fee revenue to loan to students who are not prepared to pay for their college tuition and fees.

SPC students who are not prepared to pay their tuition and fees for any given semester and students who are eligible for loans only but will not have the first loan check on time may apply for this loan.  

Prior to application, students must complete the FAFSA form and list SPC as an institution to receive the results.  Students must also be registered for classes prior to application.

Loans are given first-come, first-serve based on fund availability.  If the loan is granted, it will pay for the student's tuition and fees.  Students cannot get the emergency loan and then add classes to their schedules for more emergency loan money. 

Students will have 90 days to repay the loan from Financial Aid funds or personal funds or make acceptable repayment arrangements.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office for an application or for more information.



 Last Published 8/8/10