Emergency Loans

The Emergency Tuition and Fees loan program statute was created by the State of Texas to enable colleges to set aside a portion of their tuition and fee revenue to loan to students who are not prepared to pay for their college tuition and fees.

SPC students may apply for this loan if they meet the following requirements:

  1. They are registered for classes
  2. They have a complete Financial Aid file
  3. They are meeting Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
  4. They have been awarded a loan
  5. Loan awarded is:
    • A 30-day hold and other aid awarded is less than the total tuition and fees, OR
    • Not a 30-day hold and the first of 2 disbursements is less than the total tuition and fees with no other aid awarded to pay the difference.

Eligible students are awarded based on first-come basis and funds availability.  The loan amount will pay for tuition and fees only.  Students must be enrolled in all classes for the semester before applying for the loan.  Additional loan funds will not be awarded for classes added or other additional costs after the original loan.

Students must repay the loan no later than 90 days after the loan credits the student's account.  The loan may be paid with other financial aid awards or personal funds. 

Contact the financial aid office at finaid@southplainscollege.edu or 806-894-9611, ext 3800 for application dates and additional information.




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