Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions For Financial Aid

1. What is the FAFSA school code for SPC?

The SPC FAFSA school code is 003611.

2. How do I reach a Financial Aid Advisor?

Please call (806) 894-9611 ext. 3800 or email

3. Why do I have to use my parents' income on the FAFSA?

All students are required to use their parents' income on the FAFSA unless they are 24 years of age, married, a veteran, an orphan/ward of the court, a graduate student or provide at least 51 percent of the financial support for a dependent. Students with special circumstances may contact the Financial Aid Office.

4. Why did I have to turn in my tax return transcript and other paperwork, but my friends did not have to?

The Department of Education selects students at random for verification. Verification is a process to compare the data reported on the FAFSA to the information submitted to the Financial Aid Office.

5. What if I have not filed my tax return?

The FAFSA will allow you to estimate your income, but your file will not be completed until you have updated your FAFSA with your actual income. It is best to wait until you have filed your final tax return before completing the FAFSA. This allows you to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.

6. Which FAFSA do I have to complete?

Fall '16, Spring '17                              2016-2017  FAFSA

Summer 2017                                     2016-2017  FAFSA

Fall '17, Spring '18                              2017-2018  FAFSA

Summer 2018                                     2017-2018  FAFSA

7. What are the *priority dates?

Fall & Spring Semesters                        June 10

Spring Semester Only                           October 15

Summer Session                                  March 1

*Priority dates--Dates by which all students should complete their files to be considered for all types of aid, including limited funding for some grants and on-campus jobs; also the date to ensure that funding will be available for the pre-registration payday and open registration.

8. What are the absolute deadlines for completing the FAFSA forms?

June 30, 2017 for 16-17 school year

*Absolute deadline--The last day you can submit a FAFSA form to the Department of Education for the current school year. It is the June 30th deadline following the students' attendance for the previous fall/spring terms.

9. I feel I have extreme circumstances that are not reflected in the FAFSA results. What do I do?

See an advisor.

10. Are there part-time jobs available on campus?

Yes. View information and available positions online at Work-study information.

11. What do I do if I have a scholarship?

Donors should send scholarship funds and disbursement requirements directly to the SPC Scholarship Office. Any additional questions can be directed to Shayln Slape, Scholarship Coordinator, at (806) 716-2219 or by email at

12. What do I do if I have an outside source paying for my college?

Students who have Texas Rehab, Federal Rehab, Texas National Guard and Texas Tomorrow Fund should send their documentation to the Business Office or contact Jessica Lopez at (806) 716-2401.

13. What do I do if I have an exemption?

Submit documentation for Foster Care, Blind, Deaf, Fireman, Dependents of Slain Police Officers and Hazlewood to the Admissions and Records Office for approval. Returning students may contact the Financial Aid Office directly to have their exemptions applied with the exception of the Fireman and Hazlewood Exemptions, which must be submitted each semester.

14. Why am I on suspension when I paid for some semesters myself?

All semesters are considered for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)--The federal requirement that all Financial Aid Offices track your academic progress toward earning your certificate, associate degree or transfer hours. It contains the following three components: cumulative GPA, length of attendance and hours attempted versus hours earned. SAP Policy.

15. If I take a semester off, will that lift my Financial Aid suspension?


16. What must be done in order to have my Financial Aid suspension lifted?

The suspension status will be lifted after the student meets all three SAP criteria.

17. Is there an appeal deadline?

The appeal deadline is two months after the first class day of the semester for which you are appealing (15 days after the first class day for summer semesters).

18. If I was a full-time student when I was placed on suspension, can I retake just the one class that placed me on suspension to have it lifted?

The suspension status will be lifted after the student meets all three SAP criteria.

19. What will happen to my financial aid if I drop one class?

Your financial aid awards will adjust according to your enrollment status until the Official Census Date. Classes dropped prior to the census will not affect your SAP. If after census date it is determined you ceased attending a class prior to census date, your awards will be adjusted accordingly and your SAP will be affected.

*Official Census Date--The 12th class day for the fall and spring terms. For 5 week summer terms, it is the 4th class day. For any other length sessions, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

20. What happens to my loan if I drop below 6 hours?

If you drop below 6 hours prior to the Official Census Date, you will not receive your loan funds, and future loan disbursements will be cancelled.

21. What happens if I withdraw from all of my classes?

If you withdraw, are withdrawn by instructor, or cease attending classes, you may be required to repay a portion of your aid to the Business Office. Withdrawing will also affect your SAP status.

22. What if I receive all "F" grades in all of my classes?

If the "F" grades are earned and you have attended or participated in your classes up to or past the 60 percent point of the semester, you will only be penalized by SAP. If your last day of attendance is prior to the 60 percent point of the semester, then you will also have to return funds.

23. Can my Professor/Instructor drop me?

Professors/Instructors may drop students from a class for excessive absences or for non-participation. Professors/instructors will report the last date of participation.







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