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TANF Exemption

The TANF exemption was created to exempt eligible students from tuition and fees for up to one year. In order for the student to receive funding, the student must supply the Admissions & Records Office with a copy of their TANF certificate showing the receipt of benefits for at least 6 months during their senior year. After eligible students have registered for their classes, they should notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if they wish to use their exemption for that semester.

In order to qualify students must have:

  • Graduated from a public high school in Texas;
  • Successfully completed the high school attendance requirements;
  • Been receiving financial assistance under Chapter 31, Human Resources Code for not less than 6 months of their senior year as a dependent student.

Students must also be:

  • Younger than 22 years of age on the date of college enrollment;
  • Be registered with Selective Service or be exempt from this requirement;
  • Enroll in college within 12 months of high school graduation;
  • Begin using the exemption within 24 months of high school graduation; 
  • Be classified as a Texas resident.


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