Children of Disabled Deceased Firemen and Peace Of

The children of disabled/deceased firemen and peace officers exemption was created to exempt eligible students from all tuition and fee charges, except fees charged for room, board and clothing for up to 12 semesters or sessions. An eligible student is one whose parent was employed as a fireman, peace officer, game warden or an employee of a correctional institution; and has suffered an injury resulting in death or disability, sustained in the line of duty according to the regulations and criteria then in effect governing his or her place of employment. Eligible students should be Texas residents; and be registered for Selective Service or be exempt from that requirement. Interested students should contact Angela Crowder at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (1-800-242-3062 ext. 6344 or  to request a packet for the program. If the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approves the exemption, a letter will be sent to the Registrar's Office at SPC indicating the student's eligibility. After eligible students have registered for their classes, they should notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if they wish to use their exemption for that semester. 



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