Early High School Tuition and Fee Exemption Progra

The early high school tuition and fee exemption program was created to provide a tuition and fee exemptions of $2,000 to students who graduate from the recommended or distinguished high school curriculum in no more than 36 months.  Students who graduated on the higher curriculums in no more than 41 months may qualify for a $500 tuition and fee exemption.  Students must have attended high school only in Texas, be a Texas resident and have graduated from high school on or after 9-1-2003. Qualified students may receive an additional $1,000 on their exemption if they have completed 15-30 college hours while in high school. This exemption will pay any college fee or tuition cost; but does not cover room, board, books or supplies. The Early High School Tuition and Fee exemption may be used for college-level and remedial classes as well as continuing education classes that receive state formula funding. This exemption may not be utilized for enrollment during any summer session immediately following the person's graduation from high school. Mid-term graduates may use the award for summer; but anyone graduating after January is considered a spring graduate and cannot use the award until fall. This benefit must be used within 6 years of high school graduation unless the student is granted a hardship extension. In order for a student to receive funding, the student's high school must send the appropriate documentation to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The Coordinating Board will notify South Plains College of the student's eligibility. You may access an application at http://www.collegefortexans.com.  The contact person at THECB is Sabrina Salazar, who can be reached at (512) 427-6328 or via email at Sabrina.Salazar@THECB.state.tx.us .  After eligible students have registered for their classes, they should notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if they wish to use their exemption for that semester.


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