Foster Care Exemption

The Foster Care Tuition and Fee Exemption was created to exempt eligible students who were in foster care from all tuition and fees (except building use or general use fees). South Plains College exempts qualified students from all tuition and fees for college-level, remedial and continuing education classes. Students applying for the exemption should provide the Admissions and Records Office with official documents from the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services. After eligible students have registered for classes, they should notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if they wish to use their exemption for that semester. In order to qualify, students must have been in foster care or other residential care on or after:

  • The day preceding the student's 18th birthday;

  • The day of the student's 14th birthday, if the student was also eligible for adoption on or after that day;

  • The day the student graduated high school or received the equivalent of a high school diploma.

An eligible student is exempt from tuition and fees if he or she enrolls in an institution of higher education as an undergraduate student no later than:

  • The third anniversary of the date the student was discharged from foster or other residential care, the date the student graduated from high school, or the date the student received the equivalent of a high school diploma, whichever date is earliest;

  • The student's 21st birthday.


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