Children of Professional Nurse Faculty and Staff

The purpose of this program is to provide exemptions from the payment of tuition to eligible students to encourage their parents to continue employment as professional nurse faculty or staff members in the state of Texas. Eligible students shall be exempt from the payment of tuition. Interested students should visit for an application.

Students applying for the exemption should provide the Financial Aid Office with the Professional Nurse Faculty and Staff Exemption application and a letter from the SPC Human Resources Office verifying current employment. Students must submit a new application every semester. The employment letter from Human Resources only has to be done once every academic year. After eligible students have registered for classes, they should notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if they wish to use their exemption for that semester.

  To receive this exemption, a student must:

  • Be a resident of Texas.
  • Have not been granted a baccalaureate degree.
  • Be enrolled in an institution that offers an undergraduate or graduate program in professional nursing.
  • Be the child of an individual who holds a baccalaureate, masters or doctoral degree in nursing.
  • Be enrolled at the same institution at which their parent is currently employed or contracted with as a nursing faculty or staff member.

Eligibility for this program ends when the student has:

  • Received exemptions under this program for 10 semesters or summer sessions.
  • Received a baccalaureate degree.



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