VA Policies and Guideline

Previous education/training evaluation

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) requires that all previous education and training be evaluated for possible credit.  Students are responsible for furnishing South Plains College official transcripts from all schools previously attended. (This includes civilian colleges and universities, CLEP exams, and military transcripts)


Enrollment certification

Enrollment will not be certified to the VA until all necessary documentation has been received.  If you have any questions, please contact the VA Benefits Coordinator on the campus you plan to attend.


Declaring a major

All veterans receiving VA benefits are required to declare an SPC major.

  • Veterans are allowed to take only courses required under the selected SPC degree plan. Courses used as approved electives or as substitutes for required courses must be approved (in writing) by the department of your major and documentation furnished to SPC.
  • The VA will not pay veterans for repeating coursework previously passed at SPC or other institutions. (Grades of “D” may transfer and be applied to your SPC degree program.)


Payment of Benefits

The VA pays on a post-payment system, which means the veteran will be paid for the month after it has past.  Payment is made by the VA Regional Office.  The first payment takes six to eight weeks after the term begins.  Checks are mailed directly to the veteran’s address.  Please notify SPC of any change of address.


Withdrawing from Courses

Withdrawal from courses may result in overpayments and repayment of any money received for the courses from which you withdraw. Consult with the VA Benefits Coordinators before withdrawing from courses. You must notify the VA Benefit Coordinators after any course changes.



This program is available to any student receiving VA education benefits who is attending school three-quarter time or more. An individual working under this program may work at the VA Regional Office, VA Medical Facilities, or at approved State employment offices. Work-study students are paid at either the state or Federal minimum wage, which ever is greater. If you have questions on this program contact the VA at their toll-free number 1-888-442-4551.


Developmental Education

The VA will pay for developmental education courses only if the veteran has taken a Texas Success Initiative assessment and the resulting scores indicate a need for developmental education.

Developmental labs are not certifiable and will not be paid for.


Financial Responsibility

Students are responsible for the cost of all tuition, fees, and books.



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