Early Alert Form

South Plains College- Early Alert System
South Plains College’s Early Alert system is a way for you to report

student absences or other issues that affect his or her college
success. The Early Alert is designed to notify our office of student
problems before it is too late to attempt to help; it is not a method for dropping students who are beyond making academic progress in your class.


The approach of the Early Alert system is to increase academic performance and retention by emphasizing class attendance. Your
support and help will go a long way in identifying students who are at-risk of

dropping out of their classes.

To report absences or other concerns, we ask that you go to CampusConnect and submit the form. The form is simple to use, and only takes a few minutes to complete.


Our office will make personal contact with the students you report. In a positive manner we will make clear two points to students

·      Your instructor is concerned about your class performance

·      Please talk to your instructor if you are having any academic problems

·      The contact includes resource information for tutoring, financial aid, counseling, etc.

 You will find the Early Alert Form on CampusConnect
·        Under “Administrative,” menu, go to “Early Alert”
·        Click on the roster you want to add an Early Alert to, and click “Add”
·        For each student you are submitting an Early Alert, check the reasons, add comments, click “Sign and Submit Report,” at the bottom to send alerts

Questions about Early Alert?


Christina Conner, Retention Specialist

806-894-9611, ext. 2961 cconner@southplainscollege.edu

Office Located in the New Student Relations Building




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