Special Services

Students with disabilities attending South Plains College will find many programs and services designed to provide access to all aspects of college life. South Plains College is committed to providing equitable opportunities for success and offers assistance to students with disabilities based on their unique needs.

South Plains College students with disabilities are granted special accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Any student who anticipates a need for accommodations due to a disability should contact the Special Services Office on either the Levelland campus or the SPC Reese Center at the time the decision is made to attend SPC.

Adequate notice to prepare for and provide special accommodations and services is required.

In accordance with federal law, a student requesting special accommodations must provide adequate and acceptable documentation of his/her disability. In order to help students meet this responsibility, South Plains College has established guidelines regarding the essential elements of satisfactory documentation.

Separate and more specific guidelines for the documentation of learning disabilities have also been established. These guidelines are available on-line as indicated and from the Special Services Offices.


For More information Contact



Susan Feasél
Coordinator of Special Services Levelland
1401 S. College Ave.
Levelland, TX 79336
Phone: 806-716-2529
Fax: 806-897-0371
Dawn Valles
Coordinator of Special Services Reese
819 Gilbert Drive
Lubbock, TX;79416
Phone: 806-716-4675

Special Programs and Services

Attending College can be a great challenge for some individuals. Economic, social, cultural and personal issues can sometimes form barriers that hinder achievement of educational and career goals. The Guidance and Counseling Office and Special Services Office at the Levelland Campus and SPC Reese Center provide programs and support services to help students overcome obstacles to education. A variety of services are offered to meet the needs of qualified individuals. Available services include personal and career counseling, academic advisement, referrals for financial aid and community resources, seminars and workshops, and financial assistance with childcare, books, or transportation expenses.

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 Last Published 8/8/10