Denver City Campus Vocational Nursing Program

The Vocational Nursing Program is a time-consuming and academically-challenging one-year program that prepares the graduate to meet all requirements of the Texas Board of Nurses for licensing as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Vocational Nursing is the entry level into the profession of nursing. The licensed vocational nurse practices under the supervision of a registered nurse, advanced practice nurse, and physician. The LVN practices in structured health care settings with multiple patients with predictable healthcare needs.

The Vocational Nursing Program at Denver City is offered each August from the Reese Campus via interactive television (ITV). This means that students in the Denver City area attend class at the Family Literacy Center and receive lecture from Reese via television. An instructor is on campus to work with students in the skills lab and to supervise classroom activities.

Students in Denver City are able to practice at the local hospital provided the census is such that will accommodate students. Students should be prepared to drive to Lubbock for clinical experiences if the hospital census will not allow students to do their clinical rotations there. Students may have to drive to Lubbock for other experiences. Students must drive to Lubbock for the pediatric rotation.

For more information about the program at Denver City, please contact Korbi Berryhill at or at 806-716-4620.


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