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CAS is an engineering program funded by the State of Texas and administered by NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) offered only to community colleges in Texas.   Each year, SPC Math & Engineering (SPCME) department chooses a group of 10 SPC students who have excelled in the areas of computer science, engineering, mathematics, or the sciences to participate in a two-day engineering project at Johnson Space Center in Houston.  The students participate in a team project directed by NASA engineers, attend engineer, scientist, and astronaut briefings, tour NASA JSC facilities, and interact with other students from across Texas.


  • SPCME has participated since 2002
  • SPCME has had 3 Scholar-of-the-Week (MVP) recipients
    • A Scholar-of-the-Week is chosen by NASA engineers at the end of the competition among all participants and schools.  A most distinguished accomplishment.


  • NASA offers interships, CO-OPS, and scholarships through the CAS program.
    • SPCME has had 10 students participate in interships, 1 student receive the Columbia Crew Memorial Scholarship, 2 students receive a CO-OP, and 1 student who is a full-time NASA employee since the program has began.
    • Assignments during interships include the following:
      • Orion Cockpit Design
      • Advanced Spacecraft Propulsions Systems
      • Orion Crew Module Cockpit Hardware Design and Fabrication for Mid-fi Mockups
      • Software, Robotics, and Simulation Division
      • Avionic Systems Division
      • Astronaut Radiation Exposure Analysis System
      • Constellation - Spacecraft Conceptual Design
      • Non-Destructive Evaluation methods to assist in Flaw Fabrication Processes

Team members

  • Our 2012 CAS team are a variety of majors.  We have 2 electrical engineering majors, 1 civil, 1 petroleum, 4 mechanical, 1 computer science, and 1 math major participating.

To learn more about SPCME CAS program, please contact

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